UK: European Migrants will be Treated like Other Immigrants after Brexit

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European migrants will be trated like any other immigrants after Brexit

IMMIGRATION: Theresa May announced that the immigration rules will change for the members of the European Union after Brexit, putting an end to the free movement of people …

Today, citizens of the European Union are currently free to settle and work in the United Kingdom. The situation should change significantly after Brexit , Theresa May announced . The British Prime Minister revealed on Tuesday the new rules soon applied in the field of immigration.

Theresa May has indeed buried the free movement of European citizens in the United Kingdom. ”  When we leave [the European Union] , we will put in place an immigration system that puts an end, once and for all, to free movement,” said the head of the government in a statement. “It will be a system based on the skills of the workers, not on their origins”.

Bill on Immigration

“This new system will reduce the immigration of low-skilled people,” added the head of government. “It will put the UK on the path of reduced immigration to viable levels, as promised.” Theresa May was committed, in the program presented for the parliamentary elections of June 2017, to reduce the net migration to less than 100,000 people per year, against 273,000 in 2016.

The British leader should detail this new system in a speech she will deliver Wednesday at the Conservative Congress in Birmingham.

According to these new rules, people wishing to settle across the Channel will have to certify a certain level of income, to ensure that they do not occupy jobs “that could be filled” by the British population. Visas issued to students, however, will not be subject to the same criteria. The minister’s office said a White Paper on Immigration will be released this fall, while a bill will be introduced in 2019.

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