The prefectures of Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle decided on Saturday to put in place on Sunday emergency measures, including a reduction in speed on the roads, to cope with an episode of pollution with PM10 fine particles

Air Pollution: Speed Lowered in Alsace, Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle

To cope with an episode of pollution, emergency measures were taken in Alsace, Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle, Sunday, including the lowering of speed on roads The prefectures of Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Moselle and Meurthe-et-Moselle decided on Saturday to put in place on Sundayemergency measures , including a reduction in speed on the roads , to cope with a pollution episode with PM10 […]

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48 departments are on Orange alert for Storm Eleanor

Weather: Storm Eleanor, 48 Departments Placed on Orange Alert

After the passage of the storm Carmen on the 1st January 2018, a new gust of wind is expected in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. 48 departments were placed on orange alert. After the visit to France of the Carmen storm  on Monday 1st January 2018, New gales, from storm Eleanor are expected until the weekend. 48 departments, […]

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Two disturbances will sweep France this Tuesday, December 26, with rain and strong wind.

Weather: Strong Winds Expected in France on Tuesday

Two disturbances will sweep France this Tuesday 26th December, with rain and strong wind. La Manche should include wind gusts of up to 70 km, while Brittany and the Loire Valley will be affected by sustained rainfall. Meteo France promises a gale in the night and in the morning of Tuesday, 26th December across France and […]

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truck hits snow plough in vosges

Grand Est: A Truck hit a Snow Plough in the Vosges, Two Injured

A truck collided with a snow plough on a provincial road of the Vosges where snow falls in abundance since the weekend. Both drivers suffered minor injuries A lorry violently collided with a snowplow in Gerardmer (Vosges) Wednesday, November 29, 2017 at 7 am on the D417. The accident occurred in the direction Gerardmer-Remiremont on a heavily snowy […]

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A landscape of Lorraine under the snow.

Weather: The Lorraine Departments Placed on Yellow Alert for “Snow and Ice”

Meteo France placed 36 departments in yellow alert for snow and ice including those of the Lorraine Region. On the Vosges, more than 50 centimetres of snow have already fallen on Monday. Meteo France placed, from 4pm this Tuesday 28th November until Wednesday afternoon, 36 departments in yellow alert for “snow and ice” including the east part of the […]

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The Strasbourg Christmas market opens on Friday under high security

Strasbourg Opens on Friday a “Christmas market XXL” under High Security

The Christmas market in Strasbourg, after two editions tightened because of the terrorist threat, opens Friday in a “Version XXL” … The Strasbourg Christmas market opens this Friday in a “Version XXL” extended by one week and more extensive, but still under surveillance. Two million visitors of all nationalities are expected in the Alsatian capital for this […]

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Nuclear waste protest at Bure turn to confrontation

Nuclear waste: Protest in Bure turns into Confrontation

Incidents erupted on Tuesday in Bure (Meuse) on the sidelines of a demonstration against the Cigéo project for the burial of nuclear waste. The police made use of a water cannon, stun grenades and tear gas against a portion of the 300 to 1000 protesters In the ranks of the demonstrators, there were “six serious injuries”, hit […]

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The names of the new merged french regions has been announced

The Name of New Major French Regions Formalized

The name of the new seven major regions, from the territorial reform which reduced the number of metropolitan areas, is endorsed on Thursday in the Official Journal. The number of metropolitan areas is reduced from 21 to 12, through the merger of some of them. The region “Grand Est” (capital Strasbourg) and refers to the […]

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Official opening of the Starbucks in Strasbourg

Strasbourg: The First Starbucks of Grand Est, “it’s good for employment”

Official opening of the Starbucks, the first to Strasbourg … Red carpet, over-motivated teams, leaders in well established discourse, Starbucks mechanical arrives Place Kléber.  The official inauguration took place here in the presence of its director Boulhadid Kamel, director Christopher Borgnis France but also from many elected as the deputy mayor Alain Fontanel or even […]

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The name of the new region has been decided as 'Grand Est'

New region: “Grand Est” is chosen for Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne

After three weeks of voting, the result was unveiled Monday … That’s it. After several weeks of reflection and citizen consultation, along with some twists , the name of a favourite with locals Alsace-Lorraine-Champagne-Ardenne is … “Great East”. This name has collected 75% of the 289,000 votes. Le nom choisi pour la région Alsace-Champagne-Ardenne-Lorraine est […]

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