The American Chef Anthony Bourdain is Dead, According to his Employer CNN

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Anthony Bourdain, has committed suicide in France

American chef, author and presenter Anthony Bourdain died at the age of 61, according to his employer, CNN. He committed suicide in a hotel room in Alsace.

Anthony Bourdain , an American chef who became famous worldwide thanks to his TV show ” Parts Unknown “, died in France at the age of 61, apparently after committing suicide, his employer CNN announced Friday.

“It is with extraordinary sadness that we are able to confirm the death of our friend and colleague Anthony Bourdain,” the channel said in a statement.

Found in a hotel room in Alsace

Anthony Bourdain was discovered in his hotel room in Alsace by his French friend, Éric Ripert, the co-owner and chef of Bernardin, one of the most famous restaurants in the United States, located in New York .

According to the prosecutor’s office in Colmar, the chef died by hanging in a room in the hotel Le Chambard , located in Kaysersberg-Vignoble (Haut-Rhin) .

Chef de formation, Anthony Bourdain spent several decades in the kitchens of several establishments, including Brasserie Les Halles, a French restaurant located in the south of Manhattan.

Author and presenter

But it was his career as an author and television presenter that made him especially known to the general public.

In 2000, he published Kitchen Confidential , a book in which he tells the behind the scenes of life in the kitchen, with the rock’n’roll touch of life in New York and its many excesses.

He forges the image of a fighter, free thinker, epicurean and humanist, who will accompany him to the end.

“Parts Unknown”, his latest success

He will then present several TV shows on gastronomy, up to “Parts Unknown”, broadcast since 2013 on the CNN news channel.

The man with the rocky voice, the natural charisma and the white hair visited the four corners of the world, in search of authenticity, decided to celebrate the most varied culinary traditions.

He was also known for his commitments, against sexual harassment in restaurants and for cultural openness and integration.

For several months he had been in contact with the Italian actress Asia Argento, whom he had supported in his crusade against the deposed producer Harvey Weinstein, whom she accuses of having raped her.

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