Friday, March 20, the number of deaths from coronavirus in France rose to 450 dead

Coronavirus: 450 Deaths, Nearly 12,600 Confirmed Cases in France… The Evolution of the Epidemic in Infographics

Health authorities have estimated that the peak of the coronavirus epidemic in France is expected within five to eight days. Will this extend the confinement period. The wave is sweeping over France. On the fourth day of confinement, France now has 12,612 cases positive for the coronavirus. Among these people, 5,226 are hospitalized, including 1,297 in intensive care. French health authorities […]

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Rémy Langeard, and Michel Neveu to represent PS and PDG in legislative elections

Mayenne: Michel Neveu, candidate for PS and PRG in legislative Elections

The Department President of the Parti radical de gauche (PDG) is the parliamentary candidate in the third district of Mayenne, in alliance with the Socialist Party (PS) Michel Neveu was chosen to represent as a candidate for the Parti socialist (PS) and the Parti radical de gauche (PDG) in the legislative parliamentary elections for the […]

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In a survey, 62 percent are satisfied with Emmanuel Macron

Survey: 62% of French satisfied with Macron, 55% with Philippe

The popularity of the new president Emmanuel Macron reached 62%, and his Prime Minister Édouard Philippe 55%, according to an Ifop poll published Sunday in the JDD. To the question “Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with Emmanuel Macron as president? “, 12% answered “very satisfied” and 50% “somewhat satisfied” and 62% of total “satisfied” . Conversely, 20% said they were “somewhat dissatisfied” and 11% “very dissatisfied” , totaling […]

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A ministerial meeting on wednesday to devise a Cold plan for the cold wave of weather hitting France

Weather: “Cold” Plan Ministerial Meeting Wednesday at the Elysee

President Francois Hollande on Wednesday at 8.45am will chair a ministerial meeting on “the implementation of the cold plan”, announced the Elysee this Tuesday. In anticipation of the cold, the government set up a “daily monitoring” to anticipate needs. A “daily needs assessment” to be established by the prefects. While the cold spell that gripped France will […]

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In a new survey, 50 percent of French people think people in power are corrupt

Over 50% of French People Consider that those who have Power are Corrupt

SURVEY: For 40% of respondents, only “a small part of them” is corrupted … Power with corruption? For one in two French (54%), “persons exercising important responsibilities or having power are for a large part of them are corrupt,” according to a survey by  Harris Interactive, published this Thursday.  For 40% of respondents, only “a small […]

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