Over 50% of French People Consider that those who have Power are Corrupt

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In a new survey, 50 percent of French people think people in power are corrupt

SURVEY: For 40% of respondents, only “a small part of them” is corrupted …

Power with corruption? For one in two French (54%), “persons exercising important responsibilities or having power are for a large part of them are corrupt,” according to a survey by  Harris Interactive, published this Thursday.  For 40% of respondents, only “a small part of them” are  corrupted, and 6% believe they are “not corrupt”.

Policies are among the categories are perceived as the most corrupt, according to the survey for the organizations l’association Transparency international France and cabinet Tilder.

The first French parliamentary ranking

At the head of the most corrupt who are held accountable include French parliamentarians (77%), MEPs (76%) and the “national government” (72%).  The judges (37%), community activists (34%) and managers of SMEs (22%) are at the bottom of ranking. The trade unionists (64%) and journalists (58%) are average.

To fight against “the politics of corruption”, the respondents consider that 84% would be positive “to promote the renewal of politicians (term limits in time and prohibition of overlapping of a parliamentary mandate with a local executive office).  83% also believe effective to limit and control more strictly the financing of political life “from parties, businesses and individuals.”

Enabling citizens “to participate more actively in decision making”

A stricter lobbying supervision (79%), strengthening the independence of the judiciary (78%) and a priority control of the tax position of ministers and senior officials (78%) are also acclaimed. The provisions for citizens “to participate more actively in decisions affecting them” (develop petitions, “citizen consultations” online …) collect the consent of 75% of respondents.

* Survey conducted online from August 23 to 25 among 1,000 people aged 18 and over, by the quota method.

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