The southern part of the region was the most affected. But the epidemic is progressive.

The Epidemic of Gastroenteritis Arrives in the Charente

HEALTH: The Gastroenteritis epidemic which has been spreading throughout France, has arrived in the Charente region The reality seems to have gotten a little ahead of the statistics of Sentinelles, this network of doctors, for the most part, generalists, who compile data linked to epidemics of acute diarrhoea, flu, chickenpox in particular. The network has noted […]

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The pain of gastroenteritis is sudden and quite severe.

In Brittany, Gastroenteritis Invites Itself During the Holidays

Have you spent Christmas with your head above a bowl? Don’t panic, it’s the return of the faithful gastro. In Brittany, the disease has been very active for several weeks. While others were rejoicing at a busy party table, your stomach was yoyo and pains were twisting your stomach? Like many Britons at the moment, you have probably contracted the gastroenteritis virus. Most often benign, it […]

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Epidemic threshold of gastroenteritis exceeded in several regions

Gastroenteritis: The Epidemic Threshold Exceeded in Several Regions

At the regional scale, it is in Corsica that the Gastroenteritis epidemic struck the most with 155 cases per 100.000 inhabitants If the season is a bit unusual, the gastroenteritis is back in the middle of July. According to the latest newsletter of the Sentinelles network of Public Health France, published on Wednesday, the epidemic threshold was reached last […]

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