Germany announced Thursday a record annual trade surplus with exports to a level not seen.

Germany Recorded a Record Trade Surplus in 2016

Germany announced on Thursday a record annual trade surplus with exports to a level not seen, which could bring water to the mill of critics of the economic policies of Angela Merkel, that of Donald Trump being in first place . Europe’s largest economy in 2016 has exported 252.9 billion euros more than it imported, […]

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In November, the surge in exports reduced the trade deficit in France

France: The Trade Deficit in November

The surge in exports, which rose 5.3% in November against 0.7% in October, has reduced the trade deficit in France. It was 4.4 billion euros against 5.2 billion in October. Customs, which issued the information indicates that this beautiful healthy exports in November  “due mainly to the performance recorded for transport (in particular aviation) and […]

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Chinese exports have fallen for September

Chinese Exports Plunged 7.3% in October

Chinese exports fell 7.3% year on year in October, more than expected, highlighting the plunge in September this gloom international demand, said Tuesday the administration of Customs. The Asian giant, the main commercial power in the world, saw its exports melt last month to 178.2 billion dollars, after a 10% decline in September, reflecting a […]

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