A display of vintage motorbikes on Sunday in Nantes

Nantes: Vintage Motorbikes Exhibition is Sunday

Les Vieux guidons nantais organize on Sunday 2nd October at Nantes, their exhibition of vintage motorbikes … Each member of the organisation, exposes one of their restored motorcycles. The exchange scholarship specifically is for two-wheelers dating from before 1975. Bike fans can come to their market of 8,000 m2 to see the displays of all the motorbikes in […]

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Jousting and Archery at the Chateau in Blain on Sunday

Blain: Archers and Jousting at the Chateau of Blain

The Chateau of Groulaie in Blain, this Sunday hosts archers and jousting from over 50 medieval groups from all over France and Belgium and England. Notice to fans of medieval times, knights’ tournaments and other reconstructions of this fascinating period. More than 450 “period actors” will set up camp with women and children, in the meadows around […]

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The Orchestra of the Opera of Rouen starts its tour with a concert in Normandy

Normandy: The Orchestra of the Rouen Opera on Tour

Under the direction of Pieter-Jelle de Boer, the Normandy symphony orchestra will play Sunday at Beuzeville, Eure. The symphony orchestra of the Opéra de Rouen Normandy will perform under the baton of the young Pieter-Jelle de Boer leader on Sunday 4 September at 17 am in St. Helier Beuzeville church. “Periodically, the orchestra toured in […]

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The Maille-Breze warship, reopens in Nantes on the 16th August

Nantes: The Maille-Breze Reopens from this Tuesday, August 16

After its cinematic escapade, the Maille-Breze Escort reopens the doors to its museum ship, from this Tuesday, August 16th, at its home port, Quai de la Fosse in Nantes. The old warship had left the estuary mid-April to Dunkirk pulled by two powerful tugs. In May, in the North Sea, it was taking part in the […]

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