Nice: Launch of Carnival under the sign of Energy and Security …

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Nice Carnival, February 11, 2017

EVENT:  For the first night, 11 000 Nice residents and tourists attended the parade of floats …

Aeolus, King Sun, Neptune and even Donald Trump. Large heads and tanks. Costumes and confetti. For the first output of the Nice Carnival  Saturday night, all the ingredients were there to live a 2017 edition under the theme of energy.

But the party has struggled to get back in the heart of Nice and 11,000 tourists came to watch the first parade. And for good reason. The crowd was less dense. coils bombs are now banned. The tanks are sailing on a shortened circuit. And if, instead of the energy, security was the real theme of the Nice Carnival 2017?

A device “innovative”

The exact number of reinforcements obtained to secure the parade, nothing has filtered. But “they are all quite satisfactory case we decide to keep this edition of theNice Carnival  ,” the deputy pointed to security Estrosi Monday.

Six months after the bombing of the Promenade des Anglais and a few days of the first output of the King of energy on Saturday, the organizers and the authorities indicated have implemented a further enhanced safety device, but especially “innovative “for this edition (from 11 to 25 February) circumscribed around the green corridor.

“We will implement a new approach, new ways and sometimes novel to face a threat remains high in France,” advanced the prefect of Alpes-Maritimes Georges-François Leclerc, refusing to say more.

Entries 36 controlled by metal detectors

“We will have significant reinforcements and an innovative set up very closely with the city we work on the subject since last November,” also added the representative of the State.

The course has also been reviewed. Exit the Promenade des Anglais for traditional flower battles. They will play on the same course as that of parades. Around the green corridor. In a fully sealed enclosure by “Blackout palisades.”

The eleven access to the heart of the festivities of the area will be protected by 36 metal detectors, according to the city. “They will be supervised by 200 private security guards will be passed to the file to ensure their integrity,” stressed Christian Estrosi.

According to the elected 65 municipal police officers will also be stationed at these inputs. There will be 45 other dedicated to traffic around the carnival facilities and another 20 in urban supervision center (CSU), the nerve center of Nice video.

“An essential economic activity for the city”

Overall, the strengthening of security represent an additional cost of 300,000 euros, according to the Office of Tourism Nice. Out of a total budget of 6 million euros. And spinoffs estimated at more than EUR 30 million each year.

“The carnival is an essential economic activity for the city of Nice, said Mayor Philippe Pradal. It is part of the DNA of Nice, it is normal that it be maintained. And we do not abdicate to terrorism. ”

Some 240 000 tickets were sold for the Nice Carnival 2016. The Nice Tourist Office, which organizes the event, an attendance hope at least equivalent this year.

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