Toulouse: A Man Wins a Million Euros in a Tabac-Presse

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A man won a million euros in a tobacconist in Bellefontaine, Toulouse.

Event in a tobacco shop in the Bellefontaine district of Toulouse, a man won a million euros on the Euromillions. A Nice trip is planned …

Nobody knows his identity in the neighbourhood, but everyone knows that his bank account is now well stocked. A man bought a winning ticket in a tabac-presse of Bellefontaine district of Toulouse on Friday 26th January, 2018 for the Euromillions lottery.

An anonymous winner

“I learned this morning when the FDJ called me,” says Jean-Michel Loaec, the head of tabac-presse ” Le Tour du Monde”. And he added “He played at My Million and hit the jackpot! He’s gone to claim elsewhere, so I do not know who it is. ”

This is the second time in two months that the boss of the tabac-presse at Bellefontaine is the happiness of its customers: “A few weeks ago, I had a guy won 20,000 euros.

A world tour

According to the representative of the FDJ, who passed by the tabac-presse on Tuesday 20th February, 2018, Jean-Michel Loaec, the big winner would plan to make a great trip with his family . With a ticket won at a tobacconist named “Le Tour du Monde” , should we be surprised …

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