Nobody won the Euromillions lottery this friday 19th October

Euromillions: The Numbers that Had to be Played this Friday 19th October

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Nobody won the 49 million euros from the Euromillions this Friday 19th October

Nobody won the 49 million euros from the Euromillions this Friday 19th October.

It was necessary to play the following combination:  1 – 3 – 29 – 47 – 48 , as well as the two lucky stars   and  12.

Two players have found the five good numbers but no winning star: they win 692.976 euros. 38 players, including 10 in France, found the four good numbers and two stars and won 3,370 euros.

The code My Million winner of this Friday, October 19th is the following:  IH 231 9782 . The next draw of the Euromillions will take place on  Tuesday 23 October , with 58 million euros to the key.

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