NASA discover Earth like planet "TOI 700d" with TESS

NASA’S TESS Satellite Discovered a Planet the Size of Earth in a “Habitable” Area

NASA announced on Monday that its planet hunter TESS satellite has made it possible to discover a new planet the size of Earth and at a distance neither too close nor too far from its star for liquid water to be there (maybe). The planet is called “TOI 700 d” and is relatively close to […]

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The asteroid Florence that grazed Earth has two moons

The Asteroid Florence, which “Grazed” the Earth has Two Moons

Nasa’s radar images have identified the asteroid Florence that passed close to Earth on Friday, September 1st, was equipped with two small moons. Florence, largest asteroid to have approached close to Earth in more than a century, has two small moons, showed radar images from NASA, captured during his visit on the 1st September at […]

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