Nineteen departments in France have been placed on Orange alert

Nineteen Departments placed on Orange Alert for Thunderstorms and Heat Wave

WEATHER: Thunderstorms will burst during the afternoon and evening across the Massif Central and will also gain the Beaujolais and the early evening Bresse … The periods of heatwaves leaves room for thunderstorms. Nineteen departments of eastern France were placed in orange alert for storm risks, says the bulletin of Météo-France . This is the Jura, Loire, Rhone, Saone-et-Loire, […]

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Orange alert in 17 departments for thunderstorms

Thunderstorms: The Orange Alert in 17 Departments held Tuesday Morning

Meteo France placed 17 departments of central and northeast orange alert for thunderstorms Tuesday morning through to Midnight on Wednesday Seventeen departments are now placed in orange alert for storms, according to the bulletin at 6am from Meteo France. The alert concerns the departments of Aube, Côte-d’Or, Doubs, Jura, the Marne, Haute-Marne, Meurthe-et-Moselle, Meuse, the […]

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PSA announced the appointment of 70 CDI at its plant in Sochaux

PSA Announced the Hiring of 70 People on Permanent Contracts in Sochaux

The PSA plant in Sochaux (Doubs) will recruit 70 employees on permanent contracts (CDI) by the end of the year, announced the management. In total, the plant will have produced 140 hires on permanent contracts in 2017. The decision, announced at the monthly meeting of the works council (EC) confirms that the automotive website revives the […]

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Tragic accident in Doubs, with the death of 2 teenagers on School Bus Accident

Doubs: At Least Two Dead and Seven Injured in a School Bus Accident

The bus, carrying about thirty teenagers, went off the road on a snowy part of the road … At least two dead and seven injured. This is the terrible toll of the serious accident involving a school bus which took place Wednesday morning at Montbenoit, Doubs.Two teenagers aged 12 and 15 died. The prognosis of seven injured […]

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