More than 300,000 Anti-Pollution Stamps Issued in Haute-Garonne and Toulouse

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The Crit'air sticker is required for the next peak of pollution in Toulouse.

Over 300,000 Crit’air stamps were issued at the moment in Haute-Garonne. This should allow the implementation of differentiated traffic in case of pollution.

300,000 Crit’air thumbnail , or pollution, were issued in Haute-Garonne , announces the prefecture News Toulouse, Tuesday 23rd January, 2018. This vignette compulsory at the next peak of pollution, should help to establish Toulouse differentiated traffic if air pollution period , as we experienced in November 2017, and had forced the authorities to reduce the maximum speed of 90-80 km/h.

The operation of the differentiated traffic

Differentiated traffic could be decided after the third day of a pollution peak . This is the prefect who would put up with a prefectural order. The most polluting vehicles could not enter in an area of over 50 km 2 , including inside the Toulouse ring road. And this is according to the color of the sticker that vehicles would be allowed or denied access to it, hence the obligation to have it!

Apply online

The sticker application is done online on the website . Simply enroll contact information, license plate number … and pay 4.18 euros . The sticker is then sent to the address on the registration card.

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