Four large families of cherries are consumed in France. And for each of them, the use differs!

Cherries: Which Variety to Choose?

French businesses sell four major types of cherries. But beware, we do not choose the same variety to make jam or clafoutis. The bigarreaux, the most cultivated 80% of cherries harvested in France belong to the family of bigarreaux . They dominate the market thanks to the resistance of their skin and the “sweetness” of their flesh. We eat them naturally or […]

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If the bigarreau is the favorite cherry of the French, other varieties also appeal to consumers.

Cherry: The Top 3 Varieties Grown in France

80% of cherries produced in France belong to the family of bigarreaux … The favourite cherry of French consumers. Burlat, star of French production Variety most cultivated on the French territory, the Burlat alone represents 20% of volumes produced. It owes its creation to a farmer-arboriculturist Rhodanian, Leonart Burlat. En route to the battlefields of the First World War, […]

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