Celine Dion makes the show because it's hot in Paris on June 29, 2019

Celine Dion is Not Scared of Anything, Neither the Heat Wave nor the Ridiculous

PEOPLE: While Haute Couture Fall Fashion Week begins Sunday in Paris, Celine Dion did not wait to make her show While Haute Couture Fall Fashion Week begins Sunday in Paris, Celine Dion did not wait to make her show . It was enough to hang out near the Champs-Elysees, and more precisely in front of the Hotel Crillon, where the […]

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Celine Dion in Paris for Fashion Week

Celine Dion Appears in a Stunning Look to Face the Heat Wave

FASHION: Celine Dion is back in Paris for Haute Couture fashion week which are scheduled to kick off on Sunday The Canadian star, Celine Dion is back in France for fashion week, which begin this Sunday. Celine Dion made a very noticed appearance this Thursday at the exit of the Hotel Crillon in Paris. To face the scorching sun […]

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Celine Dion could give a concert at La Défense Arena on July 2, 2020.

Celine Dion Announced in Concert in Paris in July 2020

The Quebec star, Celine Dion goes on a world tour in September 2019. The European dates have not yet been unveiled but a fan club seems to have spotted a concert in Paris. Notice to fans of the star from Quebec, Celine Dion! As she embarks on a new international tour in September, Celine Dion is scheduled to give an […]

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The bye-bye of Celine Dion in Las Vegas before a world tour

Las Vegas: Celine Dion Leaves Caesars Palace before her World Tour in September

This Saturday night, the star from Quebec, Celine Dion will perform the last lap of his residence in Las Vegas Last night for Celine Dion at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The star ends a 16-year residency. But no way for her to leave the scene too long …   View this post on Instagram   Celine Dion […]

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Celine Dion makes surprise visit to her fans wedding

Celine Dion Makes a Surprise Visit to the Wedding of Two of her Fans

While Celine Dion’s tour is about to start in North America, the singer has been invited to a wedding in Los Angeles. American marriages still confirm their differences on ours. In Los Angeles, Kate and Jason did not hide their surprise when Jimmy Kimmel appeared on a screen in the middle of their relationship, Friday 5th April, 2019. The […]

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A new look for Celine Dion divides her fans

The New Look of Celine Dion Divides her Fans

LOOK: Celine Dion posted a photo of her completely metamorphosed, a new style that has elicited many comments … Celine Dion performed this Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan. On this occasion, the diva shared a picture of her on Instagram , a few hours before going on stage. On this shot, she appears metamorphosed and sports a new haircut. Visibly posing in her hotel, the […]

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Marina Kaye releases cover version of Celine Dion "Vole"

Marina Kaye takes “Vole” from Celine Dion, Listen to Her Beautiful Version

MUSIC: Since Friday, Marina Kaye is back with “Explicit”. A second album intense and personal on which the singer ventures to resume a song of Celine Dion: “Vole” Success has not been easy for Marina Kaye. Carried away in a whirlwind with “Homeless” then her first album “Fearless” , the young prodigy lost her footing. ” Everything happened to me under the nose. It […]

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Why has Celine Dion delayed the release of her English Album

Celine Dion: Why Her New Album in English is Pushed Back

While “Encore une soir” will celebrate its first birthday in a few days, Celine Dion is currently refining her new album in English. Originally planned for release in 2017, the disc, which will contain at least one song written by Sia, and is still being recorded. Celine Dion can say thank you to her fans. While her album […]

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