Cash back has been applicable in France since 2018. The maximum reimbursement amount is 60 euros.

“Cash Back”: Up to How Many Euros Can You Get in Cash?

Since last year, the “cash back” allows a customer using his bank card in a business, to be paid in cash. This implies certain conditions. The “cash back” you know? This system allows customers to obtain cash when paying in credit card at a merchant. For example, your full shopping costs 20 euros, you pay 50 euros by […]

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Cash Machines in the centre of Rennes have been vandalised, meaning a shortage of Cash

Rennes: Shortage of Money Because Distributors Vandalized

Bank cash distributors are prime targets of vandals. Many were vandalized in Rennes. Hard to withdraw money! “I have clients who came to me and asked me if they could make me a credit card to give them cash” is a question often asked to shop owners in the town centre of Rennes.  A request they refuse, […]

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A Montpellier Cash machine started paying customers 40 euros instead of 20 euros

Montpellier: For Several Hours a Cash Machine pays out Double

Tuesday evening, people who were asking for 20 euros, received 40 euros. Until the police intervened to end the “jackpot” … Jackpot. On Tuesday, around 11.30pm, there was still a long queue in front of the cash machine of a branch of the Victor Hugo Street in Montpellier (Hérault), near the Place de la Comédie, […]

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