Montpellier: For Several Hours a Cash Machine pays out Double

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A Montpellier Cash machine started paying customers 40 euros instead of 20 euros

Tuesday evening, people who were asking for 20 euros, received 40 euros. Until the police intervened to end the “jackpot” …

Jackpot. On Tuesday, around 11.30pm, there was still a long queue in front of the cash machine of a branch of the Victor Hugo Street in Montpellier (Hérault), near the Place de la Comédie, reports Info-H24 . And for good reason: from 7pm, the Cash machine distributed two 20 euro notes instead of one (40 euros instead of 20 euros).

It is the police who closed the festival shortly before midnight.  But in the meantime, word-of-mouth had worked. It is not known for the moment, the amount of damage, or if the amount of people who have benefited from this error, or whether anyone will come forward and repay the overpayment back to the bank.  The bank concerned has not issued a statement at present.

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