Cara Delevingne tells why she was silent after her assault

Sexual Assault: Cara Delevigne Recounts Why She was Silent

REVELATION: The actress and model, Cara Delevigne accused Harvey Weinstein of sexually abusing her … Since Donald Trump has questioned the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, who accuses Brett Kavanaugh (US President of the United States’ Supreme Court candidate) of rape because she has waited 36 years to speak, the hashtag #WhyIDidntReport (why I did not say anything) appeared on the web, […]

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The latest ad featuring Cara Delevigne is controversial

Video: The New Cara Delevingne Ad is Controversial

SEXISM: The new ad featuring Cara Delevigne is considered sexist … In the latest ad for Jimmy Choo , the top actress and model Cara Delevingne appears in a little red dress with a pair of boots twinkling in sequins, and is hailed by whistling and men who cross her path as she paces the tarmac. A scenario that was not to […]

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