Video: The New Cara Delevingne Ad is Controversial

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The latest ad featuring Cara Delevigne is controversial

SEXISM: The new ad featuring Cara Delevingne is considered sexist …

In the latest ad for Jimmy Choo, the top actress and model Cara Delevingne appears in a little red dress with a pair of boots twinkling in sequins, and is hailed by whistling and men who cross her path as she paces the tarmac.

A scenario that was not to the liking of everyone. On Twitter, many users have been quick to taxing of sexist advertising, especially in the scandal Harvey Weinstein, as noted by the author Jessica Valenti.

It does not go through

Another visitor says that it “turns their stomach.”
New advert featuring Cara Delevigne is controversial
Others highlight the standard street harassment.

Controvesal advert of Cara delevigne

“She is sublime. His dress and shoes are deadly. And I love to compliment people on their outfits. But I can not help but see street harassment, right? “

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