Windows damaged on a tram in Brest after being hit by stones

Brest: A Tram hit by Stones on Tuesday night in Pontanezen

The circulation of the tram was stopped Tuesday night in Brest, after a tram was stoned. The windows are damaged. At just after 8pm on Tuesday night, when the tram running between the stations Europe and Pontanezen was the victim of stone throwing. Several windows are broken. The circulation of the tram was immediately suspended from […]

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Meteo France have issued an orange alert for Brittany and Finistere

Orange Alert: Côtes d’Armor, Finistère and Morbihan – Flooding

Côtes d’Armor, Finistère and Morbihan were placed in orange alert Friday morning because of the arrival of stormy rains on the coast of Brittany. Meteo France have issued an orange alert for the coast of brittany and Finistere, with the possibility of localised flooding. The Orange alert covers the period between 9 am – 11pm, […]

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15 litres of petrol is being offered on the site LeBonCoin for 225 euros

Fuel shortage, “Sell 15 Litres of Petrol to 225 €! “

A Finistérien from Lanvéoc posted on Friday night an announcement both funny and unbelievable; “Sell a canister of 15 litres of petrol for 225 €! ” And he explains why… “In a time of fuel shortages looming, I would offer you my petrol can with fifteen litres of SP95!  My great goodness, I will except € 225, or about 10 times […]

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A Diver was taken to the decompression chmber at Brest after incident at Concarneau, Brittany

Concarneau: Diving Accident: the victim transported to Brest

Diver was “very Experienced” While on a dive in Bay of Concarneau, a diver aged fifty years and “very experienced,” and also the club diving supervisor, was taken ill. This “suspected decompression incident” resulted in the activation of the fallback procedure “with the call to the helicopter and emergency services”.  The Minahouet diving bell returned to […]

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Two years prison for a man from Brest convicted for 300 g of Heroin

Brest. Two Years in Prison for 300 g of Heroin

Friday, in a court appearance, a man from Brest 43 years was sentenced have been found guilty of importing, sold and used drugs. Two years in prison custody. Friday noon, following the decision of the criminal court of Brest, in immediate appearance procedure, a man from Brest, aged 43 years has been sent direct to prison.  Benoît Jore […]

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43 passengers were stranded for eight hours at Brest airport due to a technical problem

Brest: Forty Passengers Stranded at the Airport for Eight Hours

43 passengers were stranded for several hours at Brest airport. They were going to Crete. At 6.35pm, the 43 passengers stranded in Brest Airport, are finally on their way.  They had to scheduled to take off at 10.30am to Heraklion in Crete, via Deauville (Calvados).  During routine checks, a technical problem was detected. However, the mechanical […]

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Police intensify vehicle checks

Brest : Police Intensifies Controls

Police were at the roundabout from the station, this afternoon. One hundred drivers were checked. “National Police! Please present the vehicle documents! ”  Between 2.30pm and 3.30pm, at the roundabout from the railway station, the officers repeated the orders over a hundred times. In the descent to the commercial port, orange cones limited circulation. With […]

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Earthquake around the area of Brest

An Earthquake with a Magnitude of 3 hit the Brest Region

The quake did no damage … The earth moved this morning in Finistere.  Shortly before 10 am, a light earthquake shook the three Brest region, according to the national seismic monitoring network (RéNaSS).  The quake did not damage or casualties. The epicentre was located near Hanvec Plougastel-Daoulas, Brest town bordering the metropolis.  The quake was felt as far […]

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