Weather in France: A Rainy Area from Brest to Nice

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Rain will be the main feature today for the weather in France

The weather in France today is not as good as the last week, with rain forecast for large parts of the country …

After intermittent rain on the southeast during the night, especially on the Hérault, placed in orange alert, the showers will persist in the Languedoc Sunday, but also on the west side and until Île-de-France, is the forecast for the weather in France.

During the night, the rains have gone through all the southeast quarter, but driven by the strong sea wind, they will intensify over the Languedoc and particularly on the Hérault. This department is also placed on orange alert until Sunday morning, to storms and flooding risks.

Rain and wind on the coast of Brittany.

During the day, the rains persist over eastern Languedoc, but will focus on the Cevennes relief, which will receive significant accumulations of precipitation.  On the PACA region and Corsica, the sky will remain in charge, but the rains s ‘diminish. The wind is southeast blow strong enough in the Mediterranean, from 70 to 80 km/h, the Var coast to the Gulf of Lion. The south wind can reach 100 km / h in gusts of the Pyrenees.  The time will also be disrupted on the northwest. The rains will extend morning from Brittany to Charentes, with a good east wind 70 to 80 km/h on the coast of Brittany.  Then they ascend to Normandy, the Centre and the Île-de-France in the day. The showers will also gain the Aquitaine in the late afternoon. Rains continue their journey north the next night.

The East and the North will benefit from cloudy

Elsewhere, the day looks calmer, after dissipation of the many morning fog north of the Loire. The clouds will dominate the day, but still leave room for thinning.  The minimum temperatures will range from 8 at 12 degrees on the Atlantic coast, the southwest or 13 around the Mediterranean and Corsica. They will not exceed 2-8 degrees elsewhere.  In the afternoon, maximum reach 11-16 degrees north on a third, from 16 to 20 degrees south and 20 to 24 degrees in the southwest quarter of the country.

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