Yellow Vests still Mobilised near Laval

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Near the roundabout from Noz to Saint-Berthevin, the line of vehicles coming from the ring road of Laval is growing longer

In Mayenne, the yellow vests remain mobilized, Monday 19th November, 2018. An action is underway, Saint-Berthevin, near Laval (in Mayenne), where a filtering dam has been organised since 7.30am. Blocking images.

In Saint-Berthevin, near Laval (in Mayenne), the demonstrators did not all hang up their yellow vest, Monday 19th November, 2018. They are now a hundred, shortly before 4pm, on the roundabout Noz. Things are going smoothly.

At the microphone one of the yellow Vests recalls some cautionary instructions. “We are not there to block a mother in a car with her little ones. “ Another action would also be expected tomorrow. After a lot of honking in support of Yellow Vests, a truck driver gets off his truck. “I’m stuck, I’m stuck! “

This truck driver got off his truck to support the protesters in Laval
This truck driver got off his truck to support the protesters. | WEST FRANCE

“I leave you, but I am with you he has no problem! “ The discussion begins with a truck driver of Ille-et-Vilaine.

“No anarchists”

“We stay correct. Contrary to what Philippe says, yellow vests are not anarchists, “ says a yellow vest at the microphone.

"Must pass a little," chanted the protesters. in Laval
“Must pass a little,” chanted the protesters in Laval. | WEST FRANCE

At around 5pm, the filter blockages continue. The protesters block traffic ten minutes, then let the cars pass the next ten minutes.

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