Three hectares of stubble up in smoke at Saint-Etienne-Du-Gue-De-Isle

Saint-Etienne-Du-Gue-De-Isle: Three Hectares of Stubble in Smoke

A fire broke out in a Friday night agricultural machine in Saint-Etienne-Du-Gue-De-Isle. Three hectares of straw were destroyed. Friday night, around 5pm, a fire broke out in a combine in Saint-Etienne-Du-Gue-De-Isle, near the wind farm Landes. The fire spread in a farm field. Three hectares of stubble went up in smoke. The firefighters Mills, Loudeac and Rohan were […]

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Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen 1

Trinidad Porhoët: Over a thousand People Welcome Marine Le Pen

The Front National candidate Marine Le Pen has concluded the first day of her Breton journey by a speech Thursday, late afternoon, on a dairy farm in Trinidad Porhoët front of over 1000 people. One hour, including bath crowd. This is the time it took for Marine Le Pen to galvanize the crowd came to […]

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Stephanie Le Foll has announced the end of the bird flu outbreak in France

Le Foll Announced the Imminent End of the Bird Flu Outbreak

The Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll said on Monday hope that the end of the outbreak of bird flu in France, which led to the preventive slaughter of some four million poultry. “Everything suggests that we will arrive shortly after that outbreak. The number of suspected cases is in decline, ” said Stephane Le Foll […]

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Milk crisis continues with the producers out in protest in Cotes d'Armor

Milk crisis: Breeders show their Anger in the Cotes d’Armor

The price of milk has dropped significantly in recent months. While the agricultural show in full swing now in Paris, the producers of Cotes d’Armor in anger began to punch action in the Cotes d’Armor. Events are currently pending before several hypermarkets in the department. Especially in Guingamp, Dinan and Lamballe. The protests began Sunday […]

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A farmer of 47 years committed suicide Thursday morning to Plumieux, Côtes d'Armor.

A Farmer of 47 years Committed Suicide in Cotes d’Armor

A farmer from the town of Plumieux, Côtes d’Armor, has committed suicide this Thursday morning in her office, leaving a letter in which she would evoke financial problems. She was 47 years old. The farmer was producing milk in the municipality of Plumieux, Côtes d’Armor. The mother of two children committed suicide in the office […]

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With this slaughter, the department hopes to limit the spread of the bird flu epidemic

Bird flu: After the Ducks in Landes, a slaughter of the Doves is Organized in the Lot-et-Garonne

EPIDEMIC: Migratory birds are spreading the H5N8 bird flu virus in farms … Thursday night, the call for turtledoves are to be slaughtered, as they are contaminated by bird flu is organized at the request of the Prefecture of Lot-et-Garonne. Checks were carried out on the bodies of migratory birds and many gave positive results […]

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Christiane Lambert is to officially announced as the interim president of the FNSEA

Christiane Lambert Interim President of the FNSEA

Christiane Lambert, a farmer in Bouille-Menard (Maine-et-Loire) and Vice-President of the FNSEA, will be officially recognized, this Tuesday 21st February, as interim president of the FNSEA, after the sudden death of Xavier Beulin its president . Christiane Lambert, 55, senior vice president of the FNSEA, will be officially named interim president of the FNSEA, Tuesday […]

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Death of Xavier Beulin, President of the FNSEA, aged 58 years old

Death of Xavier Beulin, President of the FNSEA

A few days before the opening of the Salon de l’Agriculture, the National Federation of Farmers’ Unions (FNSEA) announced on Sunday the death of its President Xavier Beulin. He died of a heart attack at the age of 58. In a statement, the FNSEA, the main French farmers’ union, has expressed the “sudden death” of […]

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Sales of pesticides in France fell for the first time since 2008

Pesticides in France: Sales Fell for the First Time Since 2008

Sales of pesticides in France to farmers fell by 2.7% in France between 2014 and 2015, the first decline since the launch of a government plan in 2008 to reduce the use of pesticides. This “reverse curve” is “a point that we want to continue and strengthen,” said Stephane Le Foll at a press conference. The […]

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There are still about sixty horses in the operation of Jublains. The prefecture of Mayenne seeks, with the help of associations, to place them.

Mayenne: The Water was Frozen, Thirteen Horses died of Thirst

Animals: In the Mayenne at Jublains, animals were left to rot in a field. A thirteenth had to be euthanized. An investigation was opened. Twelve dead horses and a thirteenth had to be put down by veterinary services. This tragedy was discovered on Wednesday in Jublains (North Mayenne). According to the prefecture, these animals died […]

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