The Léo Lagrange pool will reopen to the public on Sunday, January 24.

Léo Lagrange reopening of the pool to the public Sunday, January 24

The pool Léo Lagrange, in Nantes, had been closed since 18th January due to technical problems. It reopens its doors this Sunday, January 24th. The pool Léo Lagrange was closed to the public since January 18, for technical reasons related to a pipeline (although at no risk to any health impact, according to management). Diagnosis and […]

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Kinder to cooperate after girl dies on kinder surprise toy

Girl choked by a Toy: Kinder will Cooperate with the Investigation

After the death near Toulouse of a girl who ingested a part of a toy found in a surprise egg, Ferrero Group announces it will work closely with the Justice …   “In agreement with the prosecutor in charge of the investigation, the Ferrero Group will cooperate fully and closely [to] investigations”. This is the […]

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The criminal court of Rennes sentenced Tuesday four men and a woman who provided the Maurepas district of narcotics. Weapons had been seized

Rennes: Five years in Prison for Drug Traffickers

The criminal court of Rennes sentenced on Tuesday four men and a woman who provided the Maurepas district of narcotics. Weapons had been seized. On 15 December, Rennes to the police conducted a crackdown in the Maurepas neighborhood inRennes. The investigations began in June, when a mother had complained of threats against her child by […]

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A 60 year old man faked being a colonel in the Foreign Legion

Oléron: A Fake Colonel of the Foreign Legion Unmasked

The 60 year old had invented a life in the Foreign Legion and had prepared a fake costume with fake decorations to attend various ceremonies … His motives remain unclear. Nevertheless, this 60 year old managed for two years to deceive the world, posing as a former colonel of the Foreign Legion, reported Wednesday South West. This […]

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Brest Airport in Brittany has exceeded one million passengers.

Brest Airport exceeds One Million Passengers

Brest Airport remains the largest in Brittany, with 1,000,192 passengers in 2015, an increase of 0.2% over the previous year. With 11 flights a day operated by Air France, routes to Paris increased 3.5%, the Roissy leaping to 9.5%. The city of Bordeaux is now served by two companies, and Chalair Volotea, with 26 flights […]

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The commune of Entrammes wants to preserve its rural roads

The town of Entrammes wants to Preserve its Rural Roads

At the last council meeting, the mayor decided to preserve rural roads Entrammes. At the last councilmeeting, the mayor decided to preserve rural roads Entrammes. They want to identify and register the departmental plans of walking routes and hikes. Only rural roads will be listed on the plan and will have a listed status. The […]

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In Rennes it is estimated that 70 percent of drivers cheat the parking meters

Rennes: 70% of Drivers Cheat Parking

Often one complains of too many fines. According to environmentalists elected in Rennes, only one motorist in seven puts coins in the parking meter. A shortfall for the City. Earlier in the week, at the city council meeting, Matthew Theurier, the leader of environmentalists elected, suggested some new ideas to find some solutions for the city, […]

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A gray day is forecast for the weather in Mayenne

A Gray Day, for the Weather this Wednesday in Mayenne

Cold and Grey this Wednesday in Mayenne It will be a cold and gray day this Wednesday, 20th January in the Mayenne region.  At least this is the forecast from Meteo-France, saying that the department of Mayenne will be mainly cloudy throughout the day. A mist ishould develop to the north of the department later in […]

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Two dolphins swimming in Croisic, Loire-Atlantique

Loire-Atlantique: Two Young Dolphins Swim in the Port of Croisic!

Dolphins swam quietly for several hours, Monday noon … A rare scene. On Monday, two young dolphins are invited to the port of Croisic, in Loire-Atlantique. The people had plenty of time to admire since both mammals remained several hours in the pool, swimming calmly. They left themselves in the middle of the afternoon. Deux jeunes […]

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