In This City, Single Customers are No Longer Accepted on Restaurant Terraces

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Ezstaurants in Barcelona are restricting serving single customers

The professionals of the restaurant sector prefer to privilege the more important additions, namely those of the groups

Sitting alone to eat or have a drink has become almost impossible in Barcelona ( Spain ). For several months, restaurateurs have been refusing solo customers on their terraces and favouring groups. An ordeal for the locals, even more so in this summer period which sees tourists flocking to the city, reports  El Pais, relayed by HuffPost.

“On the first terrace where I got a table, a waiter quickly told me it was reserved. This was not the case,” a Barcelona resident told the Spanish newspaper. “As soon as I got up, a group of tourists sat down behind me. On the next day, I was told that I would only have twenty minutes. »

Complaints on social networks

Several residents claim to have suffered sometimes very direct refusals from the managers of bars and restaurants. “In recent months, when there were people, I was denied access to the terrace several times because I was going there alone,” says another resident of El Pais.

Complaints about this new practice by restaurateurs have multiplied, especially on social networks. According to the Spanish media, the trend is linked to the Covid-19 pandemic. After a very difficult economic period, restaurateurs would today have a strong tendency to favour groups, which will ensure them a high bill.

This practice is obviously to the detriment of local residents, especially during peak tourist periods. The town hall decided to react and seized the association of restaurateurs of the city as well as the government of Catalonia. His requests have remained unanswered for the moment.

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