Dream Job: Airbnb is Recruiting 12 People to Travel Free for a Year

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In return, “nomadic” workers will have to share their experience with Airbnb. In this way, they will help improve the services of the platform

Candidates will live in accommodation available on the platform, anywhere in the world, and will share their nomadic life experience. Leaving in three weeks.

After spending a good part of the year in confinement, who dreams of giving up everything to go and live on the other side of the world? Three good news: the first is that the Airbnb site offers you to seize this opportunity. The second is that it covers all transportation and accommodation costs. The third is, no, it’s not a hoax.

The housing rental platform is recruiting 12 candidates ready to live a “nomadic life” for a year, in exchange for simple feedback. We tell you more.

What will the missions be?

Called “Everywhere at home, with Airbnb”, this program allows above all to “contribute to the future (of the site) by providing information and concrete feedback on features, services and the nomadic life experience”, specifies the company in a press release .

“The objective is to help Airbnb to better adapt its platform to respond to followers of this upcoming trend, and in particular to innovations and resources that would improve the long-stay experience on the platform; the ideal accommodation for this type of trip alone, as a couple or as a family; immersion and social integration in the places visited; the financial benefits of host activity while travelling.”


For its part, the company undertakes to cover the accommodation costs and provide transport allowances for the entire duration of the experience which will be held for 12 consecutive months, from July 2021 to July 2022.

Applications open until June 30

This offer is open to everyone, on the sole condition of being aged 18 and over: “  whether they are young families, teleworkers, professionals in the creative industry, parents whose parents are children have left the family nest, or any profile that has the possibility of adopting a nomadic life… ”, specifies Airbnb.

Note that each participant will be allowed to bring up to three companions to be part of the program.

After receipt of applications, open until the 30th June 2021 on www.airbnb.fr/liveanywhere, participants will be selected by an interview jury in July and will start travelling in September, in a supervised manner.

“Once selected, participants will begin their journey with a training session on how to live flexibly with Airbnb, led by a couple of nomadic seniors, members of the Airbnb R&D team, and nomadic living experts like travelling journalist Imani Bashir.”


Why the nomadic lifestyle?

To justify this choice, Airbnb highlights one of its recent studies on the different ways of travelling, published last MayWe learn in particular that the share of long stays (i.e. 28 days or more) reserved on the platform increased by 10% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the same period in 2019. A health crisis effect, which is felt even in the lifestyle choice.

In total, “11% of people who booked long stays in 2021 declared adopting a nomadic lifestyle”, details the site. Likewise, “74% of users surveyed in five countries expressed their interest in a life which, once the pandemic is behind us, is not centered on the place where their employer is located”.

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