You Can Rent One of Richard Branson’s Private Islands

You can rent one of Richard Branson's private islands

PARADISE: Richard Branson is offering Moskito island which offers five star service and the price to match

Richard Branson invites the (wealthy) public to come and taste the comfort of one of its paradisiacal islands. Indeed, the billionaire offers for rent the villas on Moskito Island, an island located in the archipelago of the British Virgin Islands, just a few kilometres from Necker Island, the white sand paradise he has owned since 1978.

“Moskito Island is made up of a collection of luxurious private villas which can be rented by visitors seeking the ultimate island retreat with exceptional service, equivalent to what you might expect from a 5 star hotel” read on the venue’s websiteThe resort can accommodate up to 22 people and new villas are due to open this year. However, this exceptional destination comes with, as one would have suspected, equally exceptional prices.

A nice discount

Renting the 11 rooms on Richard Branson’s Island is priced at $ 25,000 a night, while it will cost you just $ 12,000 for four rooms. It will therefore appear much more economical to rent all the rooms distributed between the three villas on the island, especially since it should not be complicated to find last-minute guests to accompany you.

Finally, it is already possible to book for the end of year celebrations. All that remains is to win the lotto and get out of confinement.

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