Honda CR-V Hybrid: A Multi-Mode SUV

New Honda CR-V Hybrid

After launching the 5th generation of CR-V in gas and saying goodbye to diesel, Honda presents its Hybrid version with a very personal technology. Starting from € 34,600.

The new CR-V retains the same length as the previous generation (4.60 m) and the same height but Honda offers him 3 cm more in width and wheelbase, resulting in a more dynamic look and a more inviting interior space .

The style has evolved with, at the front, new LED light units and a refined grille active shutter to gain aerodynamics while the rear erases the massive appearance of the old CR-V lines more fluids and a design of taillights that frames the window of the tailgate and comes to emphasize it with a return to the wings.

The cabin is mounted a notch in terms of quality and practicality providing more comfort and connectivity. The power liftgate with hands-free function opens up to a trunk that takes volume with a two-level floor and is easily expanded by the simple pressure of a rocker to fold the back of the rear seats.

184 hp electric motor

The interior of the new Honda CR-V Hybrid has gained in quality and practicality.
The interior of the new Honda CR-V Hybrid has gained in quality and practicality.

However, the real novelty of the CR-V is that it is enriched by a so-called hybrid technology i-MMD (Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive) comprising a powerful electric motor of 184 hp, a generator, a unit control, a petrol engine 2 liter Atkinson cycle 145 hp, a lithium-ion battery and an innovative transmission. What reach 180 km/h and achieve 0 to 100 km/h with the traction 8”8 and 9”2 with four wheel drive, the latter using a mechanical transmission with multi-disc clutch to the rear wheels. However it is regrettable that the integration of the battery reduces 70 litres of boot space (497 liters) and prohibits the option of two retractable seats in the third row, possible on the petrol version.

Intelligent driving modes

I-MMD technology intelligently and automatically switches between the three modes to provide the best efficiency while driving . The EV Drive mode, where the battery directly supplies electricity to the electric motor and allows to drive in town up to 2 km and 0 emission. The Hybrid Drive mode, where the engine provides power to an electricity generator, which in turn provides the electric motor in direct contact with the wheels. Finally the Engine Drive mode, where the heat engine is directly connected to the wheels via a clutch, the most efficient for driving at high speed and it can be accompanied by a surplus power of the electric motor.

Discretion of operation

The Honda CR-V always starts silently on the electric motor because the designers of the system have made sure that at each stop, the battery keeps a sufficient level of charge . Then, the engine starts, in a very discreet way, unless you crush the accelerator pedal. But as soon as you release the latter, the thermal stops which is very pleasant especially in the city where consumption can go under 5 liters.   

Note that the transition from one energy source to another never feels and the sound of the CVT box is dimmed.   

In addition, the CR-V Hybrid is equipped with a deceleration paddle selector behind the steering wheel to help recharge the battery when approaching the red lights or downhill.

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