Weather: Seven Departments Placed on Orange Alert Because of Storm Bella

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Seven departments placed on Orange Alert for Storm Bella

WEATHER: The effects of storm Bella are expected to completely dissipate from Tuesday

Strong winds will blow this Sunday during the day in the north-west then in the evening from the south-west to the north-east because of the storm Bella which rages on the British Isles and spills over into France, Meteo France announces .

Finistère and Manche have been placed on orange alert for the risk of strong winds. The Aveyron, Cantal, Corrèze, Lozère and Puy-de-Dôme are in orange snow-ice or rain-flood vigilance. The gusts will reach 80 to 100 km/h inland, 100 to 120 km/h on the coast. And in the two departments placed on orange alert, they will go up to 110 km/h inland locally, and up to 130 km/h on exposed capes.

A post Christmas rain-snow combo

At the start of the day, continuous moderate rains will extend from Brittany to the Belgian border, reaching Pays de la Loire, Charentes and Ile de France during the morning. In the afternoon, the front will move from New Aquitaine to the Center, the Paris region and the Ardennes, then from the South-West to the North-East in the evening.

The rain-snow limit will be around 800 m in the Massif Central, where a layer of 10 to 20 cm is expected. In the northeast, the rain-snow limit will be lower. 1 to 5 cm of snow are expected from an altitude of 400 m. Road traffic is expected to be significantly disrupted, especially on the A89 and A75 motorways.

Clear skies in the rest of France

Behind the rainy front, the sky will be changeable in the afternoon over the Northwest, with some coastal showers. Up front, the sky will be overcast over the North-East and very cloudy from the Pyrenees to the Alps, before the onset of precipitation the following night.

Going towards the Mediterranean and Corsica, the sky will be clear in the morning but it will cloud quickly. Sea entrances of low clouds will invite themselves around the Gulf of Lion at the end of the afternoon.

Minimum temperatures will range from -4 to 1 degrees over the eastern half and southwest of the country, from 1 to 5 over the north and west. The maximums will vary between 3 and 8 degrees in the east and the Massif Central, between 7 and 12 elsewhere, up to 14 in the south of Aquitaine and Corsica.

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