Gironde Placed on Orange Alert for Risks of Floods

Local News
Overflows are expected Tuesday morning in Bordeaux (Gironde)

The municipalities of the Garonne-Dordogne confluence have been on orange alert since Monday 9th March 2020. In Bordeaux (Gironde), overflows are expected Tuesday morning.

This Monday, March 9, 2020, the Gironde-Adour-Dordogne flood forecasting service placed all of the municipalities of the Garonne-Dordogne confluence in orange vigilance, the Prefecture announced today.

Strong tides

The triggering of vigilance is linked to a period of very strong tides, which started on Saturday 7th March and will end on Sunday 15th March.

The most important phenomena are expected on Wednesday, with coefficients of 116 and 117.

In Libourne, overflows are expected during high tides from Monday 9 in the evening and Tuesday 10 March in the morning. In Bordeaux, we fear a rise in water during the high tide of Tuesday morning.

Note that the Gironde estuary and the Dronne Aval section are always on the yellow alert.


The prefect of Gironde calls everyone to be vigilant and invites people near the river not to stay in places likely to be affected by floods.

It recommends limiting travel and complying with road signs, not entering a flooded road, keeping abreast of developments, and ensuring that the phenomenon is protected before the occurrence of the phenomenon. goods liable to be flooded or washed away (furniture, toxic products, electrical appliances, etc.).

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