Coronavirus: The Cofidis Team Placed in Quarantine in the Emirates for 10 More Days

The Cofidis team is placed in quarantine in the United Arab Emirates until March 14, 2020

CYCLING: It’s a long way off, but at least the Cofidis team now knows what to expect

The Cofidis cycling team is placed in quarantine until March 14 in the United Arab Emirates, following six additional cases of coronavirus, “linked” to the two cases which motivated last Thursday the interruption of the Cycling Tour of the Emirates, announced Wednesday training.

“We have just learned that we are officially quarantined, a priori until March 14, explains Thierry Vittu, the president of the training, in a press release . Certainly the deadline is far away (although it is only 10 days) but in a way, it is a kind of relief. What was difficult to live so far was the lack of a deadline and the permanent expectation of a close outcome that never happened. ”

“Now we know what to expect, and even if the confinement in a room continues, everyone will succeed in finding occupations, distractions, activities…. ” Thursday, the Tour of the Emirates was interrupted after the contamination of two Italian members of the management of a team present on the test.

The cyclists, team management and some media had been confined to their hotels in Abu Dhabi to undergo medical tests. The majority of them have since been authorized to leave the country, but four of the twenty teams placed are still stranded in the Emirates: the Russian formation Gazprom, the premises of the UAE-Team Emirates and the French of Groupama-FDJ and Cofidis therefore.

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