Coronavirus: 3,024 Deaths, 7,923 People Discharged from Hospital… The Results in France on Monday

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A new method for counting cases of contamination with coronavirus will be implemented in France.

On this Monday 30th March 2020, France exceeded the symbolic bar of 3,000 deaths linked to Coronavirus Covid-19, recording an additional 418 deaths in 24 hours.

The toll continues to grow. This Monday 20th March, Bruno Salomon Director-General of Health gave an update on the situation of the coronavirus in France: 3,024 people have died in hospital in France since the 1st March. 44,550 cases of contamination have been confirmed and 20,946 patients are currently hospitalised.

Note that 7,923 people were discharged from the hospital, 792 in the past 24 hours.

It is therefore 418 more deaths since the last official report communicated on Sunday evening .

In details :

  • 3,024 hospital deaths (+418)
  • 5,056 people in intensive care (+424)
  • 20,946 hospitalisations (+1,592)
  • 7,923 returned home (+792)

“34% of patients hospitalized in intensive care are less than 60 years old,” says Jérome Salomon, director-general of health.

• Here is our updated map of people hospitalized, in intensive care, and healed

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More tests

For the director, “the daily number of entries in intensive care is the most important” to assess the evolution of the epidemic, says Jérôme Salomon. This figure will also be used to analyze the effect of confinement. And to ensure:

“The ramp-up will allow for more than 20,000 tests per day at the end of the week.”

A finer count of cases

For several days now, Jérôme Salomon, Director General of Health, has clarified this at each press point: the daily assessment of deceased people is the only representative of the situation in hospitals. Thus, we do not know the total number of deaths that have occurred elsewhere, particularly in nursing homes, establishments that are increasingly hard hit by the epidemic .

The director-general of health announced Thursday 26th March that France would “gradually switch” to “syndromic surveillance in the population”, for a better inventory of cases. An application must be operational “in the coming days” and must produce a more reliable estimate of the number of victims in Ehpad, based on the statements of the doctors of the establishments.

In addition, Jérôme Salomon added on Saturday at a joint press conference with Prime Minister Edouard Philippe and Minister of Health Olivier Véran that a regular weekly INSEE publication should arrive “as of next week” (this week, therefore, editor’s note ) to report the mortality recorded over the previous week, “from civil status data”.

Hydroxychloroquine alert

The prescription of hydroxychloroquine, a derivative of chloroquine presented as the miracle cure by some, like Professor Didier Raoult, to treat patients with Covid-19, is now framed by a decree. In no case should it be used for self-medication, alert the health authorities.

The ARS of Nouvelle-Aquitaine published a warning on this subject in a press release Sunday 29th March, after having knowledge of ten cases of cardiac toxicities which occurred in patients after taking in self-medication of the drug. “This molecule is not harmless because it can cause serious heart rhythm disorders that can be fatal,” says the ARS.

Patient transfers are accelerating

To unclog saturated resuscitation services in the Grand Est, six patients with Covid-19 were transferred Monday by three army helicopters from Strasbourg to Switzerland and Germany, after major evacuations on Sunday.

Jérôme Salomon said Sunday that 250 patients have benefited from transfers.

Masks delivered from China

Masks continue to arrive from China. After a first shipment of 5.5 million medical masks on Sunday, a plane carrying more than 10 million arrived on Monday at Paris-Vatry airport (Marne), in the Grand Est, a region particularly affected by the epidemic, as part of the “airlift” between China and France.

Four rotations are planned each week. The Ministry of Health announced on Saturday that it had ordered “more than a billion masks “. The country needs 40 million a week and produces only 8 million.

Help with online procedures

In these times of confinement, the use of the Internet has become essential for many aspects. But we are not all equal when it comes to digital. This is why the government launched on Monday a website, solidarite-numé, accompanied by a telephone number, intended for people least comfortable with digital tools.

The site is intended to be a “help centre for essential online procedures”, such as the printing of a travel certificate, online medical consultations, telework, its declaration on Pôle Emploi, school at home, etc.

The date of the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics known

The Tokyo Olympics will finally open on the 23rd July 2021, the organizers announced on Monday, an almost one-year postponement of the initial kick-off date.

“The Olympic Games will be held from July 23rd to August 8th, 2021. The Paralympics will be held from August 24th to September 5th,” said Japanese organizing committee president Yoshiro Mori at a press conference in Tokyo. The 2020 Olympics paid the price, like many sporting and global events, for the coronavirus pandemic.

Another international event which we learned about this Monday’s cancellation: the world motor show, scheduled for October in Paris.

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