Prime Minister Jean Castex tested negative for coronavirus

Coronavirus: Jean Castex Tested Negative

EPIDEMIC: The Prime Minister, Jean Castex will remain in quarantine in Matignon for another seven days and will make his appointments “by videoconference” The results of the coronavirus screening of Prime Minister Jean Castex, tested after having rubbed shoulders with Tour de France director Christian Prudhomme on Saturday, detected positive on Tuesday , are negative, Matignon confirmed. “The […]

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A student from Roger-Salengro school in Hellemmes (North) tested positive for Covid-19. His class was placed in quarantine

A Student Positive for Covid-19 in a school in Hellemmes: A Class in Quarantine

Two days after the start of the school year, a student in a class at Roger-Salengro school in Hellemmes, near Lille, tested positive for Covid-19. Just two days after the start of the school year, a student from Roger-Salengro school in Hellemmes, a municipality associated with Lille, was tested positive for Covid-19. The class is therefore placed in quarantine until […]

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Coronavirus: United Kingdom imposes a quarantine on travelers coming from France, Paris strikes back

Coronavirus: United Kingdom Imposes a Quarantine on Travellers Coming from France, Paris Strikes Back

CONTAMINATION: The government indicated that “reciprocity measures” would be taken on Travellers from the United Kingdom The United Kingdom drew the wrath of Paris on Thursday by announcing a mandatory two-week quarantine for people from France, due to a deterioration in the health situation. France immediately indicated that a “reciprocity measure” would be put in place. The British decision will […]

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At least 50 slaughterhouse employees tested positive for coronavirus in Belgium

Coronavirus: At Least 50 Slaughterhouse Employees Tested Positive in Belgium

HEALTH: It is possible that several of these employees also live in France, the slaughterhouse being not far from the France-Belgium border. At least 50 employees of a slaughterhouse in Staden (Belgium) have tested positive for the coronavirus, the city mayor said on Thursday. More than 200 employees of the establishment’s cutting room had been quarantined and tested […]

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The Covid-19 pandemic has cost global tourism $ 320 billion since January. In recent days, several countries have taken new restrictive measures.

Covid-19: Global Tourism in Free Fall, More Than 100 Million Jobs Threatened

The Covid-19 pandemic has cost global tourism $ 320 billion since January. In recent days, several countries have taken new restrictive measures. Travel restrictions in Europe, a narrowed “contact bubble” in Belgium, beaches closed for part of the day in France, restricted travel in Morocco: many countries are tightening their health measures in an attempt to curb the Covid-19 pandemic. Faced with […]

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The United Kingdom is considering establishing a quarantine for travellers from Germany and France

United Kingdom: A Quarantine Soon Imposed on French and German Travellers?

While health authorities are worried about the lively circulation of Covid-19 on the continent, the United Kingdom is reflecting on the conditions of access to its territory. After Spain , will France and Germany also have to submit to quarantine measures to access the United Kingdom? This question is currently being studied by the British government with regard to the active circulation of Covid-19 on […]

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Coronavirus. Work, medical appointment, shopping: how to download the certificate of exit

Coronavirus. Work, Medical Appointment, Shopping: How to Download the Certificate of Exit

During confinement planned for a minimum of 15 days in France, any unjustified movement will be liable to a fine. Here are the exit conditions. President Emmanuel Macron announced Monday evening: all travel and contacts with others must be limited to the maximum for at least 15 days, starting at Tuesday 17th March 2020, at noon.  “This is an […]

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Emmanuel Macron announced reduced trips for all French people

Coronavirus: Emmanuel Macron Imposes Reduced Trips for at Least 15 Days

All French people are asked to stay at home for 15 days. A strict instruction announced by the President of the Republic, to limit the spread of the coronavirus. To limit the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, Emmanuel Macron announced on Monday 16th March 2020 radical measures lasting at least 15 days. Without pronouncing the word “confinement”, he called […]

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An Italian soldier wearing a passenger control mask at Milan station on March 9, 2020.

Coronavirus: All of Italy Confined, More than 4,000 Dead Worldwide

To limit the spread of the coronavirus, the Italian government requests to “avoid displacement” on the national territory and orders a “ban on assembly”. Some 60 million Italians are asked to stay at home as of Tuesday 10th March 2020, in accordance with a decree issued by the government of Rome, unprecedented in the world. Objective: to […]

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The Cofidis team is placed in quarantine in the United Arab Emirates until March 14, 2020

Coronavirus: The Cofidis Team Placed in Quarantine in the Emirates for 10 More Days

CYCLING: It’s a long way off, but at least the Cofidis team now knows what to expect The Cofidis cycling team is placed in quarantine until March 14 in the United Arab Emirates, following six additional cases of coronavirus, “linked” to the two cases which motivated last Thursday the interruption of the Cycling Tour of the Emirates, announced Wednesday […]

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