Weather in Lorient: Fairly Strong Winds on Saturday, Stormy on Sunday

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The weekend weather forecast for Lorient and Brittany

Between the powerful Northern Irish storm and the Spanish high, Lorient and Brittany will experience strong winds, starting on Saturday 15th February 2020.


The first front which crosses Brittany generates an overcast and gray sky in the morning and mid-day under a low ceiling with regular drizzle and drizzle. In the afternoon, little change under a cloudy, gray sky with intermittent drizzle followed by moderate rain after 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Sustained southwest wind in the morning (force 5-6, gusts 55-65 km/h, 65-75 over Groix) cooling at midday (strength 5-6, gusts 65-75 km / h, 75- 85 on the coast) then strong after 4 -5pm. (force 5-6, gusts 75-85 km/h, 85-95 locally 105 on Groix and the exposed coastline). From Kerroc’h to Guidel Plage: strong waves from southwest 3.5 then 4 m. Mini: 10 / 11 degrees; max: 12 / 13 degrees (from 9 / 10 degrees to 12 / 13 degrees north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”).

In the evening and night, overcast with moderate rains becoming continuous and fairly abundant with gust from the southwest (force 6.40-50 km / h, gusts 80-90 km / h, locally 100) on the continent, (force 7, 50-60 km / h with gusts 95-105 km / h or even 115) on Groix and the exposed headlands; temperatures will be 12 degrees from 8pm till midnight.


The tightening of the pressure lines and the progressive arrival of a more active front will generate in the morning and mid-day a cloudy sky with intermittent rain. In the afternoon, the most active part of the front which slowly crosses Brittany will generate intermittent rains which will become continuous and fairly abundant. Stormy southwest wind.

In the morning, mid-day and until the early afternoon (force 7, 50-60 km/h, gusts 90-100 km/h, locally 110) on the continent; (force 8, 60-70 km/h, gusts 105-115 km / h or even 125 in peak on Groix and exposed headlands). After 3 p.m., the wind weakened while veering west, force 5-6, gusts 50-60 km/h on the continent, 70-80 on Groix. From Kerroc’h to Guidel Plage: very strong waves from the southwest 5.5 to 6 m. Mini: 11 / 12 degrees; maximum: 13 / 14 degrees (from 11 / 12 degrees to 13 / 14 degrees north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Rainy until 10 p.m .; moderate west wind; Temperatures of 9 degrees at 8pm and 6 degrees to midnight.

On Monday

Variable at dawn, the sky quickly becomes unstable in the morning and mid-day with sunny spells, many cumulus clouds and locally thunderstorms. In the afternoon, the thinnings, progressively more generous on the coast, alternate with numerous cumulus clouds, more imposing north of a “Quéven-Lanester-Kervignac” axis, generating a few showers.

Strong west wind, (force 4-5, gusts 40-50 km/h) on the mainland, (force 6, gusts 60-70 km/h, even 80 in peak on Groix and exposed headlands). From Kerroc’h to Guidel Plage: swell from west 4 to 4.5 m. Mini: 4  / 5 degrees; max: 8 / 9 degrees (from 3 / 4 degrees to 7 / 8 degrees north of “Gestel-Lanester-Kervignac”). Variable in the evening with a few showers, westerly wind weakening significantly; Temperatures of 7 degrees at 8pm and 5 degrees to midnight.

Tuesday to Thursday

The anticyclone which is strengthening from the Atlantic center to France will try to push back the most active disturbed flow on the Ireland while generating the arrival of a cooler air mass before the probable arrival of new rains on Thursday .

Tuesday, despite the strengthening of the high pressure, the sky remains very cloudy to unstable in the morning, mid-day and afternoon with brief clearings, many cumulus clouds, sometimes in layers and a few showers in a refreshed atmosphere. Wind from west to northwest moderate in the morning then refreshing in the afternoon (strength 4-5, gusts 40-50 km / h, 55-65 over Groix and the coast). Mini 4 / 5 degrees; max; 8 / 9 degrees.

Wednesday, light frost at dawn then bright sky in the morning with high altitude sails. At midday and in the afternoon, the cloudy sky is embellished with cumulus clouds, more numerous north of an axis “Plœmeur-Lorient-Riantec”. Wind west very weak in the morning veering to southwest weak in the afternoon. Mini: 0 / 1 degrees; max: 9 / 10 degrees.

Thursday, the arrival of a new disturbance generating light rains in the morning, more sustained and continuous in the afternoon. Fairly strong southwesterly wind in the morning (force 5, gusts 60-70 km / h, 75-85 over Groix and the exposed coastline) veering to northwest moderate in the afternoon; Minimum temperatures of 5-6 degrees and maximum temperatures of 9-10 degrees ‘.

Absence of extreme cold

Five is the number of frosts observed in January 2020 with only negative values ​​between -1.4 degrees and 0 degrees and no heavy frost below -5 degrees. If on the basis of 1985/2019, the trend average is 7.4 frosts including a heavy jelly; the latter is becoming more and more discreet with the exception of a few cold waves; they too more and more spaced out.

Since 1984; five months of January were marked by sometimes exceptional cold waves. If January 2006, 2010 and 2017 generated between fifteen and seventeen frosts, 1985 and 1987 generated between eighteen and twenty-two freezes with values ​​reaching or falling below -10 degrees. Between 2011 and 2020, the months of January generated only between one and nine jellies with the exception of 2017.

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