Brexit: To Obtain a British Visa, You Will Have to Speak English and be Qualified

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New visa rules for UK with Brexit

IMMIGRATION: Due to Brexit, the UK’s new immigration points system is scheduled to take effect on the 1st January 2021

The new points immigration system used by the United Kingdom after Brexit must be unveiled on Wednesday by the British government, which intends to favour the “bright” brains at the expense of the “low-skilled workers”.

And the conditions for obtaining a work visa are clear: having specific skills, speaking English and having already obtained a job offer with an annual minimum wage of 25,600 pounds (30,820 euros). To allow “greater flexibility”, the level of diploma required has been lowered from one license to the equivalent of the baccalaureate.

“Give priority to the best talents”

“We are responding to citizens’ priorities by introducing a new points system that will reduce the number of immigrants,” said Interior Minister Priti Patel in a statement sent Tuesday evening, welcoming a “historic moment” which ” put an end to free movement. ” These requirements have raised concerns within certain British public services, such as the health service (NHS), which operate thanks to sometimes low-paid foreign workers.

The system will award points according to skills, qualifications and salary levels and will treat European and non-European citizens “equally”. It is expected to enter into force on January 1, 2021, after the transition period which began after the UK’s departure from the European Union on January 31. “Visas will only be granted to those who have obtained enough points,” said the press release, in order to “give priority to the best talent”, such as “scientists, engineers and academics”.

Reduce the number of immigrants

The ministry believes it is, therefore, complying with the “clear message” sent by the British people during the 2016 Brexit referendum and the legislative elections last December. The control of immigration was a major topic during the campaigns of the two polls. The Interior Ministry estimates that 70% of the current low-skilled European workforce would not meet the new requirements, “which will help to decrease the number (of immigrants) in the future”.

The government’s proposal requires that each foreign worker accumulate 70 points to be able to be a candidate as well as add a certain number of points for each qualification or skill. The system awards a maximum of 20 points to migration applicants who earn at least £ 25,600 (30,820 euros) and no points to those who will earn the required minimum of £ 20,480. Another 20 points will go to those who demonstrate “appropriate competence” and an additional 20 points for those who speak English at a “required level”.

Restricted student visas

These measures do not concern the approximately 3.2 million EU nationals who applied to reside in Britain before the outcome of Brexit. Regarding student visas, they will also be based on a point system and open to “talents from around the world”, provided that you have received a proposal from a British institution, speak English and be able to support yourself.

Citizens of the EU and other countries with agreements with the UK will not need visas for a stay of fewer than six months. Labor, the main opposition party, has claimed that certain labour sectors depend on foreign labour, which will force the government to make a number of exceptions. “It is a system imposing a salary threshold that will need a number of exceptions (…) and that will make it meaningless,” said Labour Party spokesperson Diane Abbott.

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