The 5 Sporting Events to Follow this Weekend in Caen

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5 sporting events to follow this weekend in Caen

After a fairly light weekend, the program promises to be busy between Friday 28th February and Sunday 1st March! There will be plenty to choose in Caen from on Saturday evening.

We will have to make choices, Saturday, February 29, 2020, for sports fans in Caen! The calendar promises to be busy. Discover the top 5 meetings to follow.

1. Football – Ligue 2. Caen – Grenoble

After a full match in Lens, the Caennais are expected to turn against Grenoble, this Friday, February 28, 2020! Will they be able to continue at last, who is at home where they have been struggling since the start of the season? If they succeed, the first part of the table will not be further…

Friday 28th February 2020, Ornano stadium, 8:00 p.m.

2. Basketball – National 1. Tarbes – Caen

It is already the last match of the first phase of the Nationale 1 season. Caen Basket Calvados is guaranteed to remain fifth, therefore qualified in the pool, and this result at Tarbes will not change anything. On the other hand, while the workforce is filling up and the sporting dynamic is clearly better, Caen must continue to ramp up.

Friday 28th February 2020, 8:00 p.m.

Les Caennais de Bryson Pope play their last match of the first part of the season in Tarbes.
Les Caennais de Bryson Pope play their last match of the first part of the season in Tarbes. (© Aline Chatel / Sport in Caen)

3. Futsal – French Cup. Hérouville – The Kremlin-Bicêtre

Test in sight for Hérouville in the 16th finals of the Coupe de France! The Hérouvillais, broad leaders of D2, receive a badly classified team in D1. They will know if they already have the means to compete with elite formations. Something tells us that they can create a surprise…

Saturday 29th February 2020, Allende gymnasium, 4 p.m.

4. Basketball – Ligue 2. Mondeville – Montbrison

Mondeville will have to react after his unexpected defeat in Strasbourg, Saturday, 22nd February 2020. The players of Romain L’Hermitte even have a double motivation since they had been slapped in the first leg by the players of Montbrison. The top 4 optics, which is the announced objective of the regular season, goes by a victory.

Saturday 29th February 2020, Halle Bérégovoy, 8:00 p.m.

5. Roller hockey – Coupe de France. Caen – Besançon

The RSH Caen benefited from a rather favourable draw by welcoming a resident of Nationale 1, the second division. He has all the cards in hand to access – once again – the semi-finals of the Coupe de France. The Conquerors have been undefeated for three months in all competitions.

Saturday 29th February 2020, Halle des Granges, 7:30 p.m.

The Conquerors play a quarter-final of the Coupe de France against Besançon.
The Conquerors play a quarter-final of the Coupe de France against Besançon. (© Aline Chatel / Sport in Caen)

The complete program



Ligue 2. Caen – Grenoble, 8 p.m., Ornano stadium


National 1 male. Tarbes – Caen, 8:00 p.m.



Ligue 2. Mondeville – Montbrison, 8:00 p.m., Halle Bérégovoy

National 1 female. Ifs – Federal Center, 8:00 p.m.

National 2 female. Mondeville – Le Havre, 5:15 p.m.

Orvault – Dover, 8 p.m.

National 3 male. Montfort – Caen BC, 8:00 p.m.

Saint-Herblain – ASPTT Caen, 8:00 p.m.

Caen Nord – Brest, 8 p.m., Boutiques gymnasium


National 1 male. Vernouillet – Caen, 8:45 p.m.

National 1 female. Bully-les-Mines – Colombelles, 8:00 p.m.


National 3. Grand-Quevilly – AG Caen, 18h00

SM Caen B – Cherbourg, 6 p.m., Venoix complex

MATCH DEFERRED Regional 1. Mondeville – Granville B, 6:00 p.m.

MOS – Douvres, 18h30


French Cup. Hérouville – Kremlin-Bicêtre, 4:00 p.m., Allende gymnasium

Ice Hockey

Division 1. Caen – Montpellier, 8:30 p.m., Caen-la-Mer ice rink


French Cup. Caen – Besançon, 7:30 p.m., Halle des Granges


Elite French Indoor Championships.



Federal 3. Epernay – Stade Caennais, 3:00 p.m.


Regional 1. Saint-Lô B – ASPTT Caen, 3 pm


National 2 male. Beauvais – Hérouville, 3:00 p.m.

National 3 female. Rennes – ASPTT Caen, 3:00 p.m.


Elite French Indoor Championships.

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