Cantal: The 90 km/h Return on 1st February 2020 Across All Departments

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Cantal road speeds return to 90 km/h

It’s official, the entire road network of cantal departments will go back to 90 km/h from the 1st February 2020.

The commitment is kept! Following the meeting of the SRDC (departmental commission for road safety) chaired by the Prefect of the Cantal, Isabella Sima, from Thursday 30th January 2020,  the 90 km/h will be back tomorrow, the 1st February 2020.

The entire network

Unlike certain departments, which have already made a partial return to 90 km/h, Cantal is the first department to have the entire departmental road network pass the old limitation, tied with the department of Corrèze.

A total of 3,970 km of departmental roads are affected.

A little reminder of the road speeds.
A little reminder of the speeds. (© Dptmt du Cantal)

To properly inform road users, 85 signs will be installed at the road entrances to the department (excluding RN 122). 

Future road signs to inform drivers.
Future signs to inform drivers.

In parallel with this return, prevention actions will soon be launched to target the main causes of accidents: addictions, lack of control… and the groups most concerned (young people and seniors). 

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