Normandy: What will the Weather be like in Avranches on Monday 2nd December

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What will the weather be like in Avranches on Monday 2 December 2019?

This Monday 2nd December 2019, Avranches will have a sky mostly cloudy and a temperature of about 4 degrees. We do not expect bad weather during the day.

This Monday 2nd December in Avranches, the weather will be very cloudy on waking, and the temperatures will be cool. The thermometer will display 4 ° C at dawn, and will gradually rise between 6am and noon to reach 7 ° C. The wind will evolve between 10 and 15 km/h, and it will be of North-East sector. In bursts, it will be able to cross 40 km/h.

During the afternoon, the temperatures will gradually drop to 3 ° C around 6pm, while the wind strength will gradually decrease over the afternoon to approximately 5 km/h. He will be coming from the Northeast during this interval. The sky will be mostly cloudy.

In the evening, the sky will always be cloudy around 6 pm, then the clouds will give way to a clear sky towards the beginning of the evening. The wind will vary around 5 km/h, and it will blow from the Northeast. The temperatures will continue to decrease between 6pm and midnight to reach 1 ° C.

During the night, the weather will be clear again. The force of the wind will always oscillate around 5 km/h, while the mercury will remain homogeneous at 1 ° C. The wind will be coming from the North East during this period.

On Tuesday, the weather will be mostly clear. The air temperature will be low for the season: it will be 3 ° C on average, with a maximum of 7 ° C reached from 2pm to 3pm.

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