Weekend Weather in Lorient: Mild Saturday, Cold Sunday

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Weekend in Lorient, a mild Saturday and Cold Sunday

The cold air that slides from Scotland will reinforce the disruption by generating a fall in temperatures for Lorient as early as Sunday 27th October 2019.

The weekend weather in Lorient and the coming week will see a change as temperatures continue to fall, with the cold air that slides from Scotland will reinforce the disruption by generating a fall in temperatures as early as Sunday 27th October 2019.


Mists at dawn preceding a bright morning with a generous sun and high altitude sails under a great softness. In the afternoon, the first veiled sky quickly dulls and is covered with the arrival of an undulating front on the near Atlantic by generating some rains from 4pm. More regular precipitation after 6pm. Moderate from south to dawn, the wind turns south to south/west (force 4, bursts 50-60 km/h, 60-70 on the coast) in the late morning then southwest (force 4-5, bursts 60-70 km/h, 70-80 on Groix) the afternoon weakening after 5 – 6pm. From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: swell from west to southwest 2 then 2.5 m. Min: 14 / 15 degrees; max: 17 / 18 degrees. Rainy in the evening with the wind turning weak north; 16 degrees at 8pm and 13 degrees at midnight.


The front, caught in the grip of the conflict between the two air masses, will wave all day on the Morbihan. Overcast and rainy in the morning and mid-day with continuous rains, initially moderate than more sustained in the late morning and mid-day in an increasingly cool atmosphere. In the afternoon, precipitation, initially continuous and moderate to sometimes quite abundant with a feeling of winter near 4 ° to 6 ° weaken after 16 h. Moderate northeasterly wind in the morning cooling by mid-day (strength 4-5, gusts 45-55 km/ h, 60-65 on Groix). From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: swell southwest 1.5 m. Min: 9 / 10 degrees; max: 10 / 11 degrees. Overcast in the evening with some rain; 8  degrees from 8 pm to midnight.

On Monday

The anticyclone that is strengthening from Greenland to Brittany blocks the front rippling on the near ocean. Cloudy skies in the morning and midday with a few sunny periods. In the afternoon, the disturbance will generate a cloudy sky with some rains, more frequent on the littoral border. Moderate northeast wind (more sustained on Groix with gusts 45-55 km/h). From Kerroc’h to Guidel-Plages: swell southwest 1-1.5. Min: 7 / 8 degrees; max: 10 / 11 degrees. Cloudy skies and cool in the evening; 7 degrees at 8pm and 6 degrees at midnight.

From Tuesday to Thursday

Between the Greenland-oriented anticyclone and the Channel coasts and the low pressures on the Atlantic centre, Brittany will experience a cloud-like flow from north-east to unstable and very cool.

Tuesday, the front that goes back temporarily to Brittany generates a cloudy sky in the morning and mid-day with some rains. In the afternoon, the front which folds again on the ocean generates a cloudy sky to cover without precipitations. Northeast wind, moderate on the mainland, more sustained on Groix and the coastline (gusts 45-55 km/h). Mini 5 / 6 degrees; maxi; 9 / 10 degrees.

Wednesday, generous sun, sails of altitude and freshness marked in the morning preceding a mid-day light then a hazy sky bored by the ocean over the afternoon. Moderate to medium wind from north-east (gusts 35-45 km/h and exposed shoreline). Min: 3 / 4degrees; max: 10 / 11 degrees.

Thursday, cloudy and cloudy in the morning covering the afternoon with the arrival of a disturbance that could be blocked on the near ocean without generating precipitation; Moderate moderate east wind; Min: 3  4 degrees; max: 7 / 8 degrees.

Strong contrasts

While a first anticyclone, focused from southern Russia to Morocco, brings up a large mass of hot air (+ 10 ° / + 15 ° to 1500 m altitude) to the north of France, a second anticyclone, which is strengthened from Greenland to the coast of the Channel; will generate a first descent of cold air (-5 ° / 0 ° to 1500 m altitude). Between the two, a disturbance that ripples over Brittany will be reinforced by accompanied by a sustained north-east wind and a sharp drop in mercury and a differential of 10 to 12 degrees between the two systems.

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