Peru: Millions of Dead Seahorses Found on a Ship of Poachers

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In peru, Millions of dead seahorses found on poachers boat

A total of 12.3 million seahorses were fished, dried and packed in dozens of bags destined for China

For local authorities, this is an “environmental crime” pure and simple. Millions of dead seahorses were found on a contraband ship off Peru in late September, reports HuffPost .

Four poachers suspected of being at the origin of this fishery were arrested Monday 30th September. There are three Peruvians and a man of Venezuelan origin. They risk between three and five years in prison.

Used in traditional Chinese medicine

The animals had been fished illegally. On the four-man ship, authorities found 12.3 million seahorses, dried and compressed in 66 bags. Everything weighed more than a ton.

The product of this fishery was destined for sale in China. There, the dried and crushed hippocampus is used in several traditional medicines. This ingredient is believed to have utility against many diseases. It’s tonic and aphrodisiac effects are also vaunted.

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