Near Toulouse, Members of a Boxing Club Arrested in Connection with Abduction Case

Local News
Three boxers from a club in Blagnac near Toulouse, were arrested on suspicion of being involved in a kidnapping and kidnapping case.

Several members of the Blagnac boxing club, near Toulouse, were arrested and imprisoned in a case of kidnapping and forcible confinement, Tuesday 1st  October 2019.

Three members of a boxing club in Blagnac (Haute-Garonne), near Toulouse, were arrested on the 1st October in connection with a kidnapping case in Germany.

Facts that took place in Germany

According to the radio 100% , which reveals the case, several licensees of the club were arrested by the anti-gang and men of the judicial police of Toulouse and Reims, with the assistance of the brigade of research and intervention, before being placed in custody.

The facts they are suspected of having participated in were in Germany and Reims. According to France 3 Occitanie , the case dates back to October 2018: several individuals allegedly kidnapped a man from Rheims to drive him to Germany where he allegedly suffered threats and physical violence before being released in his hometown.

Presented to a judge of Toulouse

A judicial inquiry was opened in Champagne-Ardenne. The three men arrested Tuesday were presented to a judge Toulouse instruction. Two are in pre-trial detention, the third is under judicial control. They had to be transferred to Reims to be indicted.

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