Toulouse: During a Fire in Ginestous, they Discover a Clandestine Laboratory of Cannabis

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During a fire in Ginestous, Toulouse, they discover a clandestine laboratory of cannabis

Tuesday 24th September 2019, during an intervention after a fire in Ginestous, north of Toulouse, police discovered a clandestine laboratory of cannabis.

The harvest has been fruitful for the officers of the Specialized Field Brigade (BST). Tuesday 24th September 2019, intervening after a fire in the camp of Ginestous, north of Toulouse, the police made a great discovery: they uncovered a clandestine laboratory of cannabis.

A fire occurred in Ginestous camp at Toulouse
A fire occurred in Ginestous camp at Toulouse (© DR)

During the camp visit

According to news from Actu Toulouse, police officers had to deal with the discomfort of a woman who had lost consciousness the day of the intervention. She would have tapped her head on the floor. The police resuscitated him while waiting for the firemen. It was during this intervention that they discovered what was hidden in the camp: a laboratory for growing grass.

Cannabis was seized during the procedure.
Cannabis was seized during the procedure. (© DR)

Cannabis feet

Already, on September 16, a hundred or so members of the police (Departmental Security, canine brigade, motorcyclists, security and intervention company, mobile force unit), had made a descent near a police station. Travellers camp, in the Ginestous area.

In a green zone, certainly, nestled between Garonne and Canal Lateral, but still in full city, they had found not less than 1200 feet of cannabis. Market value on resale: one million euros.

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