The Largest Wind Turbine Blade in the World Leaves Cherbourg

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The largest blade in the world was loaded on the Symphony Space, on the port of Cherbourg

A 107-metre-long wind turbine blade, manufactured at the LM Wind Power plant, today sailed on a freighter to reach England for testing.

The LM Wind Power plant in Cherbourg has just reached a new stage in the commissioning process of the largest offshore wind turbine in the world.

On the port of Cherbourg , a blade of 107 meters long was loaded on Monday aboard the Symphony Space . The cargo ship sailed to Blyth, England . The blade must undergo a battery of extremely advanced tests in the Ore Catapult plant.

Three more blades to Rotterdam

The wind turbine blade loaded yesterday is 107 meters long
The wind turbine blade loaded yesterday is 107 meters long. (© DP)

A must for a prototype, as the factory managers remind us:

“We must subject the blade to the same mechanical stresses as the Haliade-X wind turbines.”

These wind turbines, the largest in the world, will culminate at 225 meters high and will be installed in the open sea, in areas obviously subject to high winds. It is at this price that a wind turbine can meet the electricity needs of 16,000 homes.

The other four test blades have already taken shape in the workshops of a factory that now houses more than 200 employees. The next departure is scheduled for September for Rotterdam, where will be mounted the three blades of the first prototype of the Haliade-X. Then a fourth blade will be sent to Boston for further laboratory testing.

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