DJ Arafat, Victim of a Motorcycle Accident, Died at the Age of 33

DJ Arafat, victim of a motorcycle accident, is dead

DJ Arafat, star of French-speaking Africa, was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident on the night of Sunday to Monday

Impossible not to know DJ Arafat in  French-speaking Africa! The African artist was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident in the night from Sunday to Monday in Abidjan. The author of Moto Moto, the title of his latest single, this lover of speed, transported to the hospital between life and death, did not survive his injuries, according to information from AFP. The coupe-shifted king died at the age of 33 on Monday.

Who is DJ Arafat, Ivorian music star, considered one of the greatest singers in Africa?

From Shanghai to Paris

Born in 1986, in the Yopougon district of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, DJ Arafat is the son of the Ivorian artist Tina Glamor, a singer controversial because of its daring performances and known for its spicy replicas.

DJ Arafat is spotted by the producer Roland “Le Binguiste” while he hums at the turntables of Shanghai, one of the largest maquis in Abidjan. In Côte d’Ivoire, still in the grip of the civil war, the artist will become the emblematic figure of the coupé-décalé, a musical style with very danceable rhythms, mixing rock, percussion and hip-hop, invented in the early years. 2000 in Paris by Douk Saga.

He devotes his first single Hommage to Jonathan, a deceased Ivorian artist. The song becomes a tube. He released his first album, Black Goudron in 2003. He was invited to Paris for two months by the promoter of shows Désiré Kouadio. He returned in 2005 after his second album, Femmes. After the expiry of his visa, he lives two years illegally in the Hexagon where he works as a DJ in an African club. He is finally arrested and repatriated to Côte d’Ivoire.

The blessed child of the cut-shifted

On his return, he made a card with Don de Dieu (King of Kpangor), his third album, which climbs in 2008 at the head of the charts throughout French-speaking Africa. In 2010, DJ Arafat became the first artist of the coupé-décalé movement to perform a solo concert at the Palais de la Culture in Abidjan, the largest theatre in Côte d’Ivoire

Over a dozen studio albums, the artist, both author, singer, composer, producer and musical arranger, stands out as the emblematic figure of the coupé-décalé movement, the anthem of Ivorian youth. despite the clashes on social networks and scandals including a dark affair of domestic violence

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