The largest blade in the world was loaded on the Symphony Space, on the port of Cherbourg

The Largest Wind Turbine Blade in the World Leaves Cherbourg

A 107-metre-long wind turbine blade, manufactured at the LM Wind Power plant, today sailed on a freighter to reach England for testing. The LM Wind Power plant in Cherbourg has just reached a new stage in the commissioning process of the largest offshore wind turbine in the world. On the port of Cherbourg , a blade of 107 meters long was […]

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Carmen storm caused the fall of a wind turbine at Bouin, Vendee

Carmen Storm: Gusts up to 113 km/h on the l’île d’Yeu, Vendee

The Vendée department remains on orange alert for the Carmen Storm with to the risk of strong wind and the risk of flooding from waves. At Bouin, a wind turbine has collapsed In late morning on Monday 1 January, the west wind southwest blew strong enough, with gusts observed to 113 km/h to Yeu Island and 111 […]

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Eiffel tower going green

The Eiffel Tower Just Got A Wind Turbine Facelift

As part of its first major retrofit in 30 years, two custom-designed wind turbines have started generating power for the Eiffel Tower. Located above the World Heritage Site’s second level, about 400 feet off the ground, the sculptural wind turbines are now producing 10,000 kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to the power used by the […]

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