Here are the Most Given Names in France in 2018

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For the third year in a row, Gabriel and Emma remain the first names in maternity hospitals.

Emma, ​​Jade, Gabriel, Raphael … As every year, INSEE reveals the names most awarded in France last year. And there is no big surprise.

Your child may have one of these names. As in 2016 and 2017, Emma and Gabriel are the most popular first names for young French parents for the third year in a row. INSEE, the national statistical institute, has published the list of the most given first names in France in 2018.

Thus, 5,419 Gabriel and 4,369 Emma were born last year. On the second step of the podium, we find Jade in the girls – who succeeds Louise – and Raphael boys side. This year, two names make their entry in the top 10 most given names: Mael and Anna . They get Manon and Nathan out of the top 10.

Note that parents have undoubtedly been influenced by some stars in the spotlight in 2018. Indeed, the name Aya, in reference to Aya Nakamura , the interpreter of Djaja , has made good progress for girls (46th place) , while Kylian has been gaining popularity for little boys (57th). An obvious nod to our world champion, Kylian Mbappé !

The top 10 first names of girls in 2018:

  1. Emma (stable)
  2. Jade (+1 place)
  3. Louise (-1)
  4. Alice (stable)
  5. Chloé (stable)
  6. Lina (stable)
  7. Léa (+1)
  8. Rose (+2)
  9. Anna (new entry)
  10. Mila (-3)

The top 10 boys’ first names in 2018:

  1. Gabriel (stable)
  2. Raphael (+1)
  3. Leo (+4)
  4. Louis (-2)
  5. Lucas (+1)
  6.  Adam (-1)
  7. Arthur (+2)
  8. Jules (-4)
  9. Hugo (-1)
  10. Maël (new entry)

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