Greta Thunberg sets Sail for New York and the Climate Summit Aboard a Sailboat

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Greta Thunberg sets sail for New York and the climate summit aboard a sailboat

The young environmentalist activist, Greta Thunberg embarks from the United Kingdom Wednesday 14th August 2019 aboard a zero carbon sailboat to the United States where will be held the UN climate summit.

Greta Thunberg, the young muse of the fight against global warming, heads for New York Wednesday 14th August 2019 aboard a zero carbon racing yacht, skippered by a member of the Monegasque princely family.

A two-week crossing that will allow him to attend the UN world summit, scheduled for September in the megalopolis of the United States.

The 16-year-old Swede, who was behind a global climate strike by the school, had refused to fly there because of the carbon emissions it generates.

Pierre Casiraghi, son of Princess Caroline of Monaco, then proposed to make available a free boat to cover the 3000 nautical miles, and thus allow him to carry his message across the Atlantic.

In the United States, “many people do not understand and do not accept science,” said the teenager before leaving for AFP, which the long braids make look younger than her age. “I’ll just have to do what I’ve always done: ignore them and just say what science says.”

The only fossil fuel consumer on board is a small gas stove to heat the water needed for freeze-dried vegan food.

Designed for racing, the boat can go up to 35 knots (70 km) per hour but the captain intends to sail more slowly. “The goal is to arrive safe and sound in New York,” Hermann told AFP as he was busy preparing for the final preparations in the port of Plymouth , where the Malizia II dropped Wednesday the moorings.

His 4.5-meter keel also makes it unlikely that he will turn around.

Before this adventure, Greta Thunberg had never sailed. She was seasick at her first time on Monday off Plymouth – but the activist is not worried about her crossing, but basic comfort.

On board the narrow sailboat, a plastic bucket serves as a toilet. Four bunk beds were installed for Greta, his father and a filmmaker who made a documentary about his fight. Hermann and Casiraghi will take turns sleeping in the fourth.

“You can not really ask for a lot when you cross the Atlantic for free,” said the one who has already spent hours traveling Europe to spread her message. “I am grateful for what I have.”

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