Pays de Fougères: The Farm Market Resumes at Louvigné-du-Désert

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Pays de Fougères: The Farm Market Resumes at Louvigné-du-Désert 1

Local products and entertainment: this summer offers again the summer market at the farm of Justais in Louvigné-du-desert, in the Pays de Fougères.

The Farming Flavors Walk is open to the public for a new edition of the Farm Market at La Justais in Louvigné-du-Désert from July 9th to August 27th, every Tuesday from 5:30 pm to 8 pm.

A dozen local producers will be present: the Vergers de la Justais, the charcuterie of the countryside, the GAEC the milk of the fields, the GAEC the 4 paths, the Farm of Malagra, the Chèvrerie of the Hubaudière, the family Lécrivain- Poudoulec, Sun and Skaven LLC.

They will offer their specialities with a wide range of diversity such as cider or apple juice, cheeses, dairy products, bread, honey and various products from the hive, beer, and charcuterie.

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The summer markets at the farm of Justais are an opportunity to fill his basket with provisions directly from the producers, but not only, but it is also an opportunity for visitors to enjoy many activities.

From the first market, Hélène and Bernard will provide musical entertainment, Valentine Stergann will dedicate his books, the workshop Diospyros will present the manufacture of wooden jewellery and a wood turner, François Bagot will also be present.

Other events will take over the other Tuesdays: butter making, donkey soap, pizzas, soft orange soap, paint on the milk jug, the list is not exhaustive.

On Tuesday 6th August, an 8 km hike will start from the Justais at 4:30 pm to return to the market.

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