Road safety: Drones Will Monitor Your Speed from the Air

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To improve road safety, police are deploy drones

In order to monitor dangerous behaviour on the roads, drones have made a smashing entry into the arsenal of law enforcement. A device dedicated to generally used throughout France

You are in the habit of being wary of fixed speed cameras or unmarked cars parked on the side of the roads and junctions, now you have to … watch the skies!

Already used occasionally by the police, drones showed once again its formidable effectiveness Wednesday 15th May, 2019, as part of a roadside check on the roads of Essonne . A device that is intended to be deployed throughout the national territory.

The bikers targeted

Small, silent and very difficult to detect, this new tool that has integrated the arsenal of the gendarmerie was used for an operation to control the behavior of motorbike riders on the A126, an axis that connects the A6 to A10.

“This is a particularly accident-prone axis, with no lane separator. Since the beginning of the year, a motorcyclist has lost his life and two have been seriously injured, “said Jean-Marc Ruiz, commander of the highway RSC.

64 offences reported in two hours

It is therefore on this axis where the traffic is dense, that the forces of the order made take off their new material. Deployed more than 500 meters upstream from the verbalization zone, this latest-generation twin, capable of capturing images over more than one kilometre, allowed the police to notice the dangerous overtaking of the bikers.

“They have the habit of going up the line of cars overflowing on the opposite lane without necessarily worrying about vehicles coming in the opposite direction. Same, on the band of emergency stop “, advance the head of the highway CRS.

And it must be said that in two hours of monitoring, the first results are impressive. A total of 64 offences relating to the dangerous behaviour of motorbikes were noted, including 34 for white line overlap in particular.

“There were twice as many violations as normal.”

Drones can record images up to one kilometre away
Drones can record images up to one kilometre away (© Préfecture de l’Essonne)

“Let people know that they can be monitored on any type of road”

Given the success of this operation, law enforcement plans to replicate the experience in the coming weeks on other axes deemed dangerous. “The advantage of this type of tool is that it allows us to monitor on roads where we do not have the opportunity to implement for lack of space,” notes Commander Ruiz. Before adding:

“The idea with this operation is also that people talk about them and that they know they can be monitored on any type of road.”

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Motorbikes have been targeted by the control, but motorists will also be concerned
Motorbikes have been targeted by the control, but motorists will also be concerned (© Préfecture de l’Essonne)

Generalisation at the national level

Already used very punctually in Seine-et-Marne , Val-d’Oise or Bordeaux , the device should also develop on the roads of France, as confirmed by the state services. “Given the over representation of motorbikes in fatal accidents, the state services are mobilizsng to reverse this curve,” they say.

“We targeted motorbikes, but we can use the drone to record the dangerous behaviour of motorists.”

We’ll have to look up!

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